Which Goods Lift is Right for Your Business?

Goods lifts don’t have the glamour of a passenger lift. They tend to be invisible workhorses moving multiple palettes, goods, or heavy loads from one floor to another. They’re normally found in warehouses, kitchens, hotels, hospitals, libraries, or art galleries.

So which goods lift is right for your business? You’ll need to start out by creating a clear specification for the lift you need. This will include answers to these questions:

  • What are you moving?
  • How often will your goods lift be used?
  • What weight will it need to take?
  • How many floors does it need to travel through?
  • Where do you want to locate it?

4 Types of Goods Lift

At Tower Lifts we work with 4 basic models of goods lifts which can then be customised to serve the specific requirements of your business. Our design engineers work from the premise that your goods lift needs to solve a business challenge – how do I get this object from here to there most efficiently? We have nearly 2 decades of experience finding the right transport solutions for our clients.

1. Goods Lift

The goods only lift we install has a modular structure with a self-supporting design. This means that the need for a lift shaft is eliminated. It’s simple to install and there are no building alterations required. The result is a high-performance goods lift, capable of carrying 300–2000kg at a speed of 0.15MPS. This model is not suitable for people to use.

2. Goods Lift With Attendant

The goods lift with attendant is safe for loads to be moved with an attendant accompanying them. Additional controls and emergency features are added to make the lift safe and secure for use by people with loads. This is an ideal solution if the lift is located in an area without an adjacent stairway. As with the goods lift, there is no requirement for a lift shaft.

3. Heavy Duty/Car Lift

Heavy goods lifts help with the transportation of large, awkward, or heavy goods. Tower Lifts has installed these in art galleries, warehouses, logistics centres and factories. Dependent on the specific requirements, they can be customised to your needs.

Our custom designed car lift can carry loads up to 5,000kg. Tower Lifts provide both hydraulic and traction vehicle car lifts, with a variety of options and configurations offering the perfect option for your needs.

4. Dumbwaiter Lift

This is a small cabinet shaped goods lift which is normally used to carry food or small goods between floors. Often used in restaurants or hotels, these waist-high lifts are designed to save staff running up and down stairs with plates, or goods. Dumbwaiters are easy to customise and install. Tower Lifts designers have created numerous bespoke dumbwaiter lifts for commercial environments.

Working With Tower Lifts

With over 15 years’ experience, our Tower Lifts designers can help you to arrive at the kind of goods lift you require for your building. We’re expert at recognising business challenges and finding innovative solutions to them. All our goods lifts are guaranteed to be high performance, durable and safe.

As well as designing and installing goods lifts for clients, we offer lift servicing, maintenance, and emergency repairs. The range of services provide defines us a ‘full service’ lift company, with a comprehensive package tailored to the needs of our clients.

Would you like to talk to a Tower Lifts engineer about which goods lift is right for your business? Call the Tower Lifts team today to speak to a specialist – 01525 601099

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