Where to Install a Platform lift at Home

Wondering Where to Install a Platform Lift in Your Home?

Platform lifts are an affordable and efficient choice for providing access in your home. Whether you currently have impaired mobility, or a disability, or you are future proofing the family home, being able to use every part of the house will be your priority. The advantage of platform lift technology is its adaptability and ease of installation.

Where Should I Install My Platform Lift?

For Tower Lifts designers, the priority is always the independence of our clients. Ideally, platform lift installation should facilitate ease of access inside and outside your home, allowing you to maintain the lifestyle you want. Our initial assessment is designed to help you determine where your platform lift would be best placed.

Use of the Stairs

It is quite possible to install an inclined platform lift which is designed to match the exact contours of your staircase. This provides a platform for your wheelchair which will transport you to each floor of your home. When not in use, the platform folds back, allowing plenty of space for other to use the stairs.

The advantage of the straight inclined or curved inclined platform lift is that there is no need to install a vertical cabin lift between floors. They are ideal for independent wheelchair users as you can access and use the lift without leaving your wheelchair. And finally, installing an inclined lift in your home is relatively simple.

Internal/External Step Lift

The step lift provides an elegant solution to short flights of steps, or split-level flooring. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, and many clients use them for external steps leading to the front door, or split-level areas in the garden. These hardy platform lifts are extremely durable and can be customised to seamlessly integrate with their surroundings.

Vertical Platform Lift

The cabin platform lift is enclosed; in fact, it looks very like a passenger lift except that it is smaller. It doesn’t require a lift shaft for operation, and this makes it a flexible option in the home. The floor space which a platform lift takes up will need to be slightly larger than your wheelchair and can be customised to the size of your chair.

Tower Lifts engineers will be happy to go through the options for positioning your vertical platform lift. We’ll also discuss the ways in which it can be customised to match your internal décor and style of architecture. Installation would normally take around 5 days.

About Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team has been designing and installing bespoke platform lifts for homes for nearly two decades now. All our installations comply with the Equality Act, Part M of the Building Regulations, EN81-1/2, EN81-41 and the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive. We’ll provide on-site drawings for the work to be undertaken, and we can schedule flexibly to minimise the disruption to your home.

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