Wheelchair Platform Lift

Over 9 million people in the UK are registered disabled; for a large majority of them mobility will be a major issue. The UK Equality Act 2010 tells us that public buildings, premises and leisure environments have a duty to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ such as lifts or ramps, in order to make access easier. At Tower Lifts we have seen major developments in the area of enhanced disability access over the past few years. A major catalyst in inclusive access provision across the UK’s commercial sectors has been the development of platform lifts.

Wheelchair Platform Lift Design

The platform lift is distinguished by its adaptive, innovative technology, and its ease of installation. No lift shaft is required for the installation of a wheelchair platform lift. This makes it a viable proposition for the majority of environments. For the user, there’s a range of design elements required to make the wheelchair lift a valuable aid to access. These include:

  • Capability to bear heavy loads without sacrificing speed or safety.
  • Spatially appropriate for wheelchairs.
  • Controls placed at correct level for wheelchair users and readable by partially sighted passengers.
  • An elegant, attractive and efficient mechanism – like any other lift.
  • Adherence to all regulatory controls and regularly maintained.

As a leading provider of wheelchair lift services in the UK, we are able to guarantee that every wheelchair platform lift we install represents cutting edge engineering solutions for disabled passengers.

Which Wheelchair Platform Lift is Right for Your Environment?

Platform lift installation is now varied and diverse; recent Tower Lifts installations include hotels, shops, apartment blocks, theatres, galleries and heritage properties. The adaptable nature of the technology means that there’s rarely an environment we’re unable to design for. Our wheelchair platform lift services include both bespoke design and standard installations.

  • Wheelchair Lifts for Stairs. We design platform lifts for both straight and curved stairways. We’ve even created a wheelchair lift for a spiral staircase!
  • Step lift installations.These provide an elegant and efficient mode of transport up short flights of stairs, or across split-level flooring.
  • Vertical platform lifts. The cabin design looks like a traditional elevator, except that they easily accommodate a wheelchair, and are specifically designed for the ease and safety of wheelchair users.
  • Integrated Platform Lift. An ingenious design that seamlessly integrates the step lift with its surrounding environment, making it invisible until required.

A platform lift makes wheelchair lift installation relatively quick and easy, as there is no requirement for a pit, or shaft to house the mechanism.

If you are thinking of installing a wheelchair platform lift but need advice and guidance on how to go about it, call us today on 01525 601099 to find out how we can support you.


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