Wheelchair Lifts for Stairs

Wheelchair Lifts for Stairs

At Tower Lifts we’re strong believers that any environment can be made inclusive if the will, ingenuity and creativity is in place. For nearly two decades now, we’ve been working with wheelchair passengers to create homes and work spaces that they can negotiate independently. And platform lift technology has been central to our ability to do this.

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Why is Platform Lift Technology Inclusive?

The platform lift uncouples vertical transport from major architectural change. Or, in other words, platform lifts don’t need lift shafts. This makes the technology flexible enough to be installed in small or large homes, offices, schools and factories.

Platform lifts for wheelchairs are now integrated into buses, and are found in most museums, galleries and public access buildings. They have made a massive contribution to inclusivity across our social, commercial and domestic landscape.

What are Platform Lifts for Stairs?

Many of our wheelchair using clients prefer to retain the use of their domestic stairway, rather than install a vertical platform lift. An inclined wheelchair lift provides easy wheelchair access to stairs. The lift is a foldable unit which means that when it’s not in use, the platform can be folded back to allow maximum usable spaces on the stairway.

There are two kinds of wheelchair lifts for stairs that we install:

  1. Straight inclined wheelchair platform lift. Designed to carry a passenger in a wheelchair up and down a flight of straight stairs using a rail system mounted alongside the stairway. The installation is relatively quick and simple because the motor is integrated into the unit. This saves space and time as there is no need for a separate machine room.
  2. Curved inclined wheelchair platform lift. Offers flexible design options for wheelchair passengers wanting to travel up and down curved flights of stairs. It can be installed inside or outside a curved stairway, which makes it possible for use even with a spiral stairway. Bespoke design means that this lift can be fitted to any kind of curved stairs.

Integrated Lifts for Wheelchair Passengers

Platform lift technology isn’t confined to interior use. Integrated lifts are now becoming a far more common sight, as they provide wheelchair access up short flights of external, or internal stairs. Why ‘integrated’? Because the platform can be camouflaged to fit in with the surrounding environment. We did this recently in a cobbled courtyard, and we’ve also done it for the Barbican Art Gallery, and even domestic lawns.

Integrated lifts, once operational, convert into a platform lift for wheelchair passengers. Safety barriers emerge and the lift can rise up to 3 metres, carrying 350k. Once the action is complete, the lift returns to its ‘integrated state.

Tower Lifts Design and Install Wheelchair Lifts for Stairs

Because we’ve been working with platform lift technology for so long, we’re now trusted providers of bespoke inclined and integrated lifts for internal and external stairs. Our design team work closely with clients to create the environment they require. For us, technology is a massive enabler; we use it to create access and independence.

Tower Lifts is a leading provider of wheelchair lifts for stairs. Call our design and installation team today to find out more about the work we do – 01525 601099

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