Wheelchair Lifts for Home

There are currently 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK, and of them, only 28% of them are under 60. This statistic highlights the issues we’re just beginning to face around creating appropriate housing for an ageing population. A recent House of Lords inquiry found that only 7% of British homes “provide even the most basic features of accessibility” for a disabled person. 

Older wheelchair users, living in their own home, require a number of features to be in place in order to feel in control of their environment. They’ll need to be able to manage any steps up to the front door, or split level areas of the garden. Most important, they’ll require simple and reliable access to all floors of the house.

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Creating a Wheelchair Friendly Environment

Over the past two decades, Tower Lifts has gained a reputation for being the leading provider of wheelchair lifts for the home. Our design team works in a diverse range of environments, from terraced housing to large town houses, creating a home environment that works for wheelchair users. The key to our success lies in the use of platform lift technology  to create a range of bespoke designs:

 Vertical Home Lifts.

Platform lifts don’t require a lift shaft, so they can be fitted quickly and easily in your home. The technology invites flexibility, and provides a reliable domestic lift, capable of accommodating one wheelchair user. A vertical platform lift  moves at 15MPS and can travel through 1-4 floors.
If you want to use a stairway for access, a straight or inlined platform lift is an ideal solution. This innovative technology will adapt to the contours of your home, and can easily accommodate a wheelchair. To give you an idea of its adaptability, we’ve even designed a spiral stairway lift!

Step Lifts.

If you have steps leading up to the front door, or a split level patio, or garden, a step lift can provide ease of access. The elegant mechanism can carry wheelchair users up a short stairway, or rise. It’s a durable solution for home access.

Tower Lifts Design and Install Domestic House Lifts

Each house is different, as are the specific requirements of each wheelchair user. Our design team assumes absolutely nothing when they first walk into a private home. Their first job is always to sit and listen carefully to their client’s needs, before starting work on their unique design. Our aim is always to create a durable, sustainable and holistic solution which will last for years.

All our wheelchair lifts for the home are finished in the colour, style and texture our clients require. This will normally integrate the appearance of the lift technology with the interior style and décor that surrounds it. For exterior lifts, we can do the same. Tower Lifts installers have been known to use stone, or grass, to seamlessly integrate a step lift with its environment.

Tower Lifts is a leading provider of bespoke wheelchair lifts for the home. Call our design and installation team today to find out more on 01525 601099

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