Wheelchair Lift Repair

Investing in a wheelchair lift brings a great return. Whether the installation is for a residential environment or a commercial setting, access enhancement makes an immediate impact on the well-being of users.

Wheelchair lifts also make an impact beyond the individual; older people are able to maintain live independently in their own homes, relieving stress on social care. And wheelchair users remain integrated members of society, rather than finding themselves isolated and alienated.

Like all the lifts we install, once in place wheelchair lifts tend to become indispensable to their users. Many wheelchair users depend on them to get into work, or to move from floor to floor of their house. For this reason they’re built to be strong and capable of withstanding a normal volume of usage. But, if breakdown should occur, wheelchair lift repair needs to be swift and effective.

Wheelchair Lift Maintenance

Tower Lifts engineers will always recommend regular maintenance once a lift is installed. No matter whether it’s a wheelchair lift for stairs, or a commercial wheelchair lift providing access to a shopping centre, maintenance is key. Lift maintenance ensures that the system is working at peak performance, and where running repairs are necessary, they’re made in a timely fashion.

Wheelchair lift maintenance is preventive; it significantly reduces the possibility of a breakdown. All lifts are different, because they’ll serve more or less people in a unique operating environment. That’s why we’ll always carry out a detailed audit before recommending number of maintenance checks each year. For domestic wheelchair lifts it’s normally one per year, for a busy commercial site it’s likely to be more.

Emergency Lift Repair

However many precautions you take, there’s still the chance that your wheelchair lift will breakdown and require emergency repairs. Finding an emergency repair company that will attend quickly can be difficult, and expensive. Many of our residential customers have also told us that they would feel vulnerable letting workmen they don’t know into the house.

Tower Lifts offer emergency wheelchair lift repair as part of our maintenance package. If we’ve installed your lift we have the advantage of knowing the model and the environment. Even if we haven’t, we’ll have carried out an audit and be familiar with the setting. Our emergency repairs are available 24 hours, they’re carried out by engineers you can trust, and they won’t cost a fortune.

Why Work With Tower Lifts?

We’re the leading UK platform lift installer and provider of maintenance. For nearly 20 years our designers and installers have been providing bespoke wheelchair lift solutions for homeowners, retailers, workplaces, entertainment venues and heritage properties. We offer a comprehensive service from design, through installation to maintenance and repairs.

Tower Lifts engineers are skilled and experienced specialists. They’re trained not only to make essential repairs in the case of a lift breakdown, but also to deal with the frustration, or anxiety that may emerge as a result of the incident. They always provide a friendly, reassuring presence, and their goal will be to get your wheelchair lift repair achieved fast and effectively.

Tower Lifts offers a comprehensive wheelchair lift service, from design and installation through to maintenance and emergency repairs. Find out more on 01525 601099