Watford Home Lifts Prove Increasingly Popular

As Britain finds itself coming to terms with the realities of an ageing population, towns like Watford – located 17 miles north of London – are demonstrating that the preference of many older people is to install a home lift rather than opting for residential care. Tower Lifts has been a frequent visitor to Watford over the past fifteen years and has worked extensively within the residential sector; we are now experiencing an increase in demand for home lifts, and especially small house lifts.

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Watford Home Lifts are Flexible and Adaptable

Our domestic lifts in Watford are specially designed to suit the specific requirements of clients who wish to adapt their home environment in order to maintain ease of access throughout. Platform lifts in Watford provide elderly, or disabled, residents with the means to install state-of-the-art technology to help them negotiate stairs, or split-level flooring. Our range of bespoke residential lifts are designed to provide maximum support, with minimum disruption to home décor or style.

If you require home lift services we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


A Range of Platform Lifts in Watford

Watford Home Lifts

Platform lifts are designed to adapt to the space available; they are also quick to install and easy to customise, should you require handrails, or remote controls. Our small house lifts have been developed to take into account narrow stairways, and sharp turns, making even the most idiosyncratic architecture a challenge that can be met.

We offer a range of platform lifts to suit the needs of our domestic clients:

Straight Inclined Platform Liftdesigned to provide smooth transport up straight stairways. The durable mechanism is designed for frequent residential use over a long period, and has a paint finish which can be customised to suit the surrounding décor.

Curved Inclined Platform Lift – designed to negotiate the arc of curved stairways. This adaptable lift can be installed on traditional stairways, but can also be customised for free-standing or spiral stairs. This is a truly impressive and elegant solution for access between floors.

Vertical Platform Lifts – this compact, modular structure can operate hydraulically, or electrically, to transport passengers between floors. The stylish cabin is designed for wheelchair users, and the finish can be integrated with the existing décor.

Watford Home Lifts Create Options for Clients

Tower Lifts’ designers understand how important it is for residential clients to be able to visualise a lift in their home prior to installation. Part of our domestic lifts Watford service is to provide a clear image of how the lift will look, and to invite our clients to collaborate on the bespoke elements which will make it a part of their home.

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