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Upgrade Your Operations With a Warehouse Lift

The UK’s warehousing provision has doubled over the last two decades, with facilities concentrated in the West Midlands, the East of England, The Humber, and Yorkshire to meet rising consumer demand. This surge in warehouse reliance puts a spotlight on efficiency – not just for storage, but for the safe, optimised movement of goods. Which is where warehouse lifts become indispensable tools for growing businesses.

This blog helps you navigate the range of warehouse lifts available, allowing businesses to select the solution that can best streamline their warehouse workflow.

Over the past two decades, Tower Lifts has worked with businesses to optimise their warehouse operations. Our experience of the warehousing, fulfilment, and logistics sectors means we solve your unique challenges effectively. Need to maximise warehouse space with a mezzanine lift? Looking to streamline operations by upgrading your existing warehouse lifts? We’re the specialists who can deliver customised solutions that drive your efficiency and growth.

Selecting the Right Warehouse Lift: Key Considerations

Finding the perfect warehouse lift isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. To ensure your investment delivers maximum efficiency, consider these crucial factors:

Warehouse Layout:

  • Floors and Space Limits. How many floors will your lift need to travel through? Are there tight spaces that influence size or headroom requirements? The answers will determine lift travel, pit depth, and potential need for ramps.

Goods in Motion:

  • Size and Weight. The dimensions and weight of your typical loads determine the lift’s essential load capacity and car size.
  • Handling Methods. Do you use pallets, trolleys, bins, or roll cages? Your transport methods will further shape the ideal lift design.

Loading and Attendance:

  • Loading Level. Will goods be loaded at floor or waist height? This impacts accessibility features within the lift.
  • Accompanied Loads. If an attendant needs to travel with the goods, factor this into the lift selection process.

Types of Warehouse Lifts – Finding the Perfect Fit

Choosing the right warehouse lift is all about matching its capabilities with your operational needs. Now we’ll take a look at different types of lifts and see how each one might be the solution that suits your warehouse operations.

Goods Lifts

When handling heavier loads and maximising vertical space are top priorities, a goods lift could be the answer. Here’s how those key selection factors influence your decision:

  • Warehouse Layout. Goods lifts are designed to move between multiple floors, bridging significant height gaps even in warehouses with space constraints.
  • Goods in Motion. Ideal for heavier and bulkier loads, goods lifts offer a range of capacities. Their robust design accommodates various handling methods for maximum flexibility.
  • Loading and Attendance. Goods lifts can be configured for waist height loading and, in some models, are designed to accommodate an attendant if that’s a core requirement for your workflow.

Goods Lifts with Attendant

If your workflow needs an operator to accompany loads for safety, efficiency, or inventory management, a goods lift with attendant is the solution.

  • Warehouse Layout. Like standard goods lifts, these can handle multiple floors and suit various space constraints. The key difference is planning for additional space within the lift car to accommodate the attendant.
  • Goods in Motion. Ensure the goods lift’s load capacity comfortably handles the combined weight of the typical goods and the attendant. Handling methods should also be considered for smooth access by the attendant.
  • Loading and Attendance. This specific lift type is built around the idea of an attendant safely traveling with the goods. Consider accessibility, controls within the lift car, and any relevant safety regulations.

Goods Passenger Lifts

In busy warehouses where both goods and personnel need frequent vertical transport, a goods passenger lift offers the perfect combination of robustness and versatility.

  • Warehouse Layout. Goods passenger lifts operate across multiple floors and can handle the space requirements for both goods and attendants. Consider the typical passenger volume alongside goods movement.
  • Goods in Motion. These lifts have high load capacities to comfortably accommodate a mix of heavy goods and people. Factor in any trolleys or other handling equipment used.
  • Loading and Attendance. Designed specifically for attendants to travel with goods, these lifts prioritise safety features, accessibility, and easy-to-use controls.

Why Warehouse Lifts are Good for Business

Warehouse lifts improve efficiency within the unique demands of a warehouse setting. By efficiently bridging height differences, they allow for a streamlined flow of goods between floors or loading areas. This translates to a drastic reduction in bottlenecks on stairs, ramps, or because of the manual transport of heavy items. Businesses enjoy faster order fulfilment, reduced risk of product damage, and an improvement in productivity.

Why Warehouse Lifts are Good for Business

Safety is a non-negotiable factor in the warehouse environment, and warehouse lifts are a key factor in achieving it. They reduce the strain and potential for injury associated with manual handling, protecting employees, and minimising the risks associated with falls or mishandling of heavy loads.

Tower Lifts – Experience You Can Trust

For two decades, the Tower Lifts team has provided businesses across the UK with warehouse lift solutions that drive efficiency and growth. We understand your workflow and design solutions that can achieve your warehouse’s full potential.

Our experienced engineers ensure your new lift integrates with your operations, maximising your return on investment. As an ISO9001:2008 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company, we are committed to the highest standards of safety and excellence. Whether you need a standard lift or a fully bespoke design, we listen carefully, in order to address your unique specifications.

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