Vertical Platform Lifts Installation

Vertical Platform Lifts Installation

Having a platform lift in your home is a big step to take. For many of our clients the vertical platform lift installation is a perfect solution ensuring access to every floor of the house. But it’s a large investment, and they want to be sure that it’s going to provide them with exactly the mobility help they need.

As leading installers of bespoke vertical platform lifts, Tower Lifts designers have spoken to hundreds of clients over the years. We thought it would be helpful to share the most common questions that need answering in order to make an informed decision.

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How is A Vertical Platform Lift Different From a Passenger Lift?

A platform lift provides flexible and adaptable vertical transport for the home. It runs on hydraulic or traction technology and can service up to 5 floors. A crucial difference between the platform lift and the passenger lift is that the former doesn’t require a lift shaft. This means that it’s much easier to install in domestic premises.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Platform Lift?

We normally advise our clients that the process, from start to finish, is between 6-10 weeks. The installation will take between 1-5 days. Prior to that, our designers will develop the design to fit the home architecture, including any custom features. Our bespoke platform lifts are individually manufactured. They are then installed by skilled and experienced engineers.

What Will the Vertical Platform Lift Look Like?

The simple answer to that is that it’s up to the client. The basic cabin structure can be finished to integrate with surrounding décor, or customised in the way the client wishes. Cabin interiors can be lit and finished in a range of styles and colours. We often find that once clients discover the control they have over how the lift will look, they’re far happier about it’s presence in their home.

How Fast Does a Vertical Platform Lift Travel?

The speed of a vertical platform lift is regulated by EU law (the Machinery Directive) and this is set at 0.15 MPS. They’re capable of carrying 250-1000 kg at this speed and can travel to a maximum height of 13 metres.

Do They Need Much Maintenance?

Any vertical transport machinery requires regular maintenance in order to ensure consistency of performance and safety for passengers. Tower Lifts installers offer clients a maintenance package which is tailored to their specific requirements. This will take into account the size of the lift, the number of stops, the model and the frequency of use. Maintenance packages would normally include an emergency breakdown option.

Why Use Tower Lifts?

We’ve been designing and installing a range of platform lifts, including straight inclined, curved inclined, integrated lifts and vertical home lifts for nearly two decades now. We’ve always designed for peak safety and performance. And our bespoke platform lifts ensure that whatever the size or shape of your home, we’ll find a way to provide access to all levels.

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