Vertical Platform Lifts for Homes

Tower Lifts Design Bespoke Vertical Platform Lifts for Home Use

The improvements in wheelchair access over the past two decades have been driven as much by technology as by social policy. It is no longer the case that wheelchair users are limited to living in purpose built housing. In fact the trend is moving in quite the opposite direction. Tower Lifts can now adapt virtually any kind of property for wheelchair access thanks to the development of vertical platform lifts for homes. 

What is a Vertical Platform Lift?

Platform lifts are designed to transport a wheelchair and its user from one floor to another. Step lifts carry wheelchair users up short flights of steps. Inclined lifts provide access via a straight or curved stairway from one floor to another. The vertical lift comprises a passenger cabin – like a traditional passenger lift – and a simple mechanism to transport its user between floors.

Types of Vertical Platform Lifts

All vertical platform lifts travel between floors, but there are two different operating systems to choose from:

  1. Cabin Platform Lift looks like a traditional lift and can travel between up to 5 floors. The passenger cabin contains a control panel for operating the lift, and the speed of travel will not exceed 0.15MPS.
  2. Enclosed Passenger Lift comprises a platform which sits within an enclosed structure. This model would normally serve up to 3 floors and is operated by continuous pressure on the push button.

Bespoke Residential Lifts

Platform lifts include many innovative features but perhaps the most impressive is their adaptability for use in the home. This is largely due to their small footprint made possible by the simplicity of the design. This means that whatever the size of your home, it’s possible to design and install a vertical platform lift that won’t dominate your interior space.

Installing a vertical platform lift tends to require minimal disruption to your home. There’s no need for building works as a lift shaft is not required. A standard two stop entry lift will normally take around 3 days to install.

Customising Your Platform Lift Installation

Tower Lifts designers will ensure that your vertical platform lift installation is an elegant and efficient match for your home interior. Both the interior and the exterior of the lift can be customised to seamlessly integrate with the style and interior décor of your property. We are able to offer clients a range of colour finishes for the cabin, and a variety of control panel designs.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts designers and installers have been creating bespoke platform lifts in residential environments for nearly two decades. We work with a range of residential and commercial clients, creating access solutions for wheelchair users and passengers who are mobility impaired. Once your platform lift is up-and-running, we can also provide ongoing platform lift maintenance and 24/7 emergency repairs.

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