Vertical Platform Lift Installers London

Vertical Platform Lift Installers London

Tower Lifts are Vertical Platform Lifts Installers in London

Designed to carry people in wheelchairs, or travelling between floors with a pushchair, vertical platform lifts come in a variety of designs and can be installed either inside or outside. The design is similar to that of a traditional cabin lift providing regular features such as call buttons, direction indicators, alarm button and emergency stop.

The Tower Lifts team are established vertical platform lift installers in London. For nearly 20 years we’ve been designing and installing platform lifts for residential and commercial environments across the city.

What is a Platform Lift?

Also known as a disabled access lift, platform lifts are designed specifically for people in wheelchairs, or mobility impaired passengers. They don’t need a lift shaft, which makes installation much simpler, and they’re a safe and reliable mode of vertical transport.

A vertical platform lift travels between floors up to 13 metres, at a speed of 0.15MPS. These lifts are compliant with health & safety regulations and ISO 9001:2015. Our installations also comply with machinery directive 98/392/EEG and BS6440.

Residential Vertical Platform Lifts

Platform lifts in the home are a staple component when families think about future-proofing their homes. The vertical platform lift can be installed with minimal disruption, to provide access to all floors of the family home.

Alternatively residential vertical platform lifts can be used to create discrete units within the family home. External platform lifts provide access to a floor of the house, offering independent living for guests, children, or older relatives.

Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

The Equality Act 2010 requires that shops, local authorities, employers and schools take positive steps to reduce the barriers to access experienced by people who are mobility impaired. Platform lifts have been at the forefront of the UK capital’s shift towards inclusivity thanks to their adaptability and ease of installation.

Tower Lifts has installed vertical platform lifts in schools, art galleries, hotels, shops, and workplaces across London. Our installations offer commercial clients a range of professional benefits:

  • Design consultation and guidance
  • Customised interior and exterior
  • Lift installation and testing
  • Comprehensive safety compliance

Maintenance and Repairs

Our vertical platform lifts offer durability, ongoing operational excellence, and reliability. In order to keep them running at the peak of their potential, Tower Lifts provides tailored maintenance contracts for commercial and residential clients. This will normally include emergency repairs, offering 24/7 service from our dedicated team.

Working With Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team are leading vertical platform lift installers in London. Our designers are hugely experienced at creating bespoke platform lift designs providing seamlessly integrated access solutions internally or externally. If you’re looking for contemporary technology that works in service to disabled access in the home or at work, talk to Tower Lifts.

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