UK’s Leading Platform Lift Company

Keeping people and goods moving is at the heart of what we do at Tower Lifts. As such, we particularly appreciate the part that platform lifts have to play. The innovative technology that drives them has enhanced the lives of wheelchair users by making access to shops, hospitality, homes, and leisure facilities a norm. We take great pride, therefore in being the UK’s leading platform lift company.

Innovative Platform Lift Technology

The platform lift (also known as a wheelchair lift) is specifically designed for wheelchair users, or people with limited mobility. It doesn’t require a lift shaft for installation, which makes it adaptable, and quick to install. Platform lifts travel far more slowly than standard passenger lifts and carry a maximum of 1-5 users. Vertical platform lifts are able to travel between 2 to 4 floors.

What Kind of Platform Lift is Required?

Tower Lifts provides a range of platform lift models to suit the needs of clients in both the residential and commercial sectors. Our lifts help commercial clients to comply with the Equality Act:2010, Part M, and ensures that residential clients are able to access every part of their homes.

There are 3 different types of platform lift:

Installing a Commercial Platform Lift – Benefits to Business

In 2005 the Disability Discrimination Act stipulated that all public buildings needed to provide inclusive access for people with limited mobility. This was then enshrined in the Equality Act 2010. Aside from the legislation, though, commercial platform lifts provide consideration and customer service for a growing sector of the population.

  • Health & Safety. A platform lift minimises the risks to wheelchair users trying to navigate the business.
  • Independence. Wheelchair users shouldn’t be dependent on staff having time to help them up stairs or over split-level flooring.
  • An Efficient Way to Travel. Platform lifts are energy efficient, so your customer service has minimal costs attached.
  • Inclusiveness. Demonstrating your awareness of the problems facing wheelchair users by making your business inclusive is likely to create loyal customers.

Installing a Residential Platform Lift

A residential platform lift installation always begins with a site visit to your home. Our designer will discuss your requirements and offer guidance on solutions that match your needs, and the space available.

At Tower Lifts we take great care to ensure that your platform lift installation serves its practical function and matches the style and décor of your home. All our lifts can be customised to match your colour scheme and the aesthetic of your property.

Case Study – Installing Platform Step Lifts in a London College

We installed a vertical platform lift with two stopping points at the newly built Ada College in Tottenham Hale. The two-storey building didn’t have room for a traditional lift shaft, so our modular platform lift installation was the ideal solution. The lift matched the contemporary design of the building perfectly.

Why Choose Tower Lifts to Work With?

Our reputation as the UK’s leading platform lift company has been achieved as a result of our adoption of platform lift technology to solve a range of access challenges. Our goal is inclusivity for wheelchair users; our team of designers and installers apply their creative, technical, and engineering skills to ensure that outcome, no matter the challenges of space or architecture.

The Tower Lifts team has installed platform lifts in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, department stores, theatres, museums, retail units, leisure centres, private homes and residential apartment buildings. Our factory trained engineers have extensive experience in bespoke platform lift design, installation, and servicing. We are a ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

Would you like to speak to one of our engineers about our platform lifts for homes installations? Call us today on 01525 601099.