Types of Lifts for Home

5 Types of Lifts for Home Use

Having a home lift installed is now within the reach of more people’s budgets than ever before. Whether you are a wheelchair user who needs access to all floors, a retired family that’s future-proofing the family home, or you want the design challenge of creating a luxury home lift, there’s an elevator out there that’s perfect for your requirements.

Tower Lifts design and install hundreds of home lifts each year and we’re constantly adding to the innovative possibilities available for clients. In this blog we take a look at the 5 most popular types of lifts for the home.

1. Inclined Platform Lift

If you’re a wheelchair user, flights of stairs are inaccessible without an inclined platform lift. It’s designed to fold away when not in use, so the staircase can be used by pedestrians as well. When needed, a sturdy platform unfolds, complete with a ramp and safety barrier. It can be stopped at any point on the stairway and will halt automatically at the top and bottom landings.

Curved and straight inclined platform lifts are designed to follow the contours of your home staircase.

2. Through Floor Lift

This compact and elegant home lift looks rather like a scaled down version of a traditional passenger lift. There is a passenger cabin, usually glass-fronted, that is large enough to accommodate one or two people. As its title suggests, it travels through the floor to access the upper storey. The cabin can be designed to be standalone or contained within a shaft.

Through floor lifts require minimal structural alteration and can be installed quickly and easily.

3. Luxury Home Lift

The client takes charge with this one! Tower Lifts designers will listen to your ideas, make suggestions where appropriate, and bring your vision to life. Glass lifts, scenic lifts and external lifts are all possibilities. Every component of the lift can be customised, and we love a challenge!

Luxury home lifts are often integrated into a new-build design. It is also possible to retrofit a lift, though.

4. Step Lifts – Internal or External

This wheelchair lift is designed to provide access up short flights of steps. It’s use as an indoor lift tends to be minimal in the home, but it can be really useful as an external lift. Tower Lifts installers have fitted a number of step lifts to help people with steps leading to the front door, or even between levels in the garden.

The step lift is tough and durable, so there’s no problem with fitting it outside, rather than inside your home.

5. Vertical Platform Lift

As with all platform lifts, the design is simple and tailored to the wheelchair user. The enclosed platform looks rather like a traditional passenger lift cabin. It is large enough to accommodate you and your wheelchair easily, and there are no gaps that could trap the wheels. The vertical platform lift moves slowly and can travel between 2-4 floors.

Platform lifts can be customised to match your interior colour scheme and integrate seamlessly with your home’s décor.

Working With Tower Lifts

We take pride in offering Tower Lifts clients a full-service lift package whatever types of lifts for home use they require. Each lift is project managed from design, through manufacture and installation to handover. We specialise in the installation of both custom and bespoke home lift projects.

Our factory trained engineers have over 15 years’ experience in lift designinstallation, and maintenance. We are an ISO9001:2008 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all Lift Regulations.

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