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Home Lifts Are For Everyone

The Tower Lifts team are residential lift experts who design and install lifts for new homes, period properties, and apartment buildings. It’s a myth that residential lifts are for either people who are very rich, or people who require disabled access in their home. In fact, home lift innovation over the past decade has made installation available to anyone wanting enhanced efficiency and comfort in their living environment.

Our residential lift experts create bespoke residential lifts that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of your property. If your building has specific architectural constraints, we can design a lift that both overcomes challenges, and seamlessly integrates with your interior style and décor. Our lifts can be customised for appearance, cabin design, and security features.

Looking For a Luxury Residential Lift?

Be as decadent as you desire; our luxury home lift design and installation offers a range of customisable features. Tower Lifts experts can provide advice on the best way to blend the lift technology with your home aesthetic; then the look of your lift’s interior and exterior will be up to you. Your luxury lift adds value to your home, comfort to your lifestyle, and it’s a great differentiator if you have plans to sell.

Whether you’re thinking of a lift for one person, or multiple people, your lift can be designed to your needs. Tower Lifts engineers have designed lifts to access a roof garden. And we’ve installed scenic lifts offering a special experience of a much-loved view.

Need a Residential Lift For Access?

Wheelchair users need access to every floor of their homes, and it’s never been easier to achieve. Tower Lifts design and install residential platform lifts offering comprehensive access inside and outside the home. They are specially designed for wheelchair users, and can be adapted to your particular environment.

  • Step Lift. This is an invaluable lift if you have to navigate short flights of steps leading up to the front door, for example, or as part of the garden layout. It’s designed to be strong and durable and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The step lift offers an elegant solution where a ramp is not a possibility.
  • Inclined Platform Lift. Standard stairlifts are not practical for wheelchair users. The inclined platform lift, however, has been specifically designed for use with a wheelchair. Your wheelchair rolls onto the platform, and travels securely up or down the straight, or curved stairway. When not in use the platform folds back to allow for foot traffic.
  • Vertical Platform Lift. This looks like a traditional passenger lift but is customised for use by passengers in a wheelchair. The vertical platform lift can access up to 4 floors, travelling at 0.15MPS. There’s no need a lift shaft, making it easy to install, and the technology is optimised for energy efficiency and quiet travel between floors.

Are You Future-Proofing the Family Home?

Many homeowners are now considering installing a residential lift as part of their future-proofing of the family home. Tower Lifts designers can offer advice and guidance with this process; we’ll work with you to design an elegant and efficient home lift that will serve you for decades. We imagine a range of potential scenarios, guaranteeing that your home will remain accessible to you, for as long as you want.

Tired of Lifting and Carrying?

The dumbwaiter residential lift was originally designed to replace servants fetching and carrying food to the dining table in big houses. Now this small goods lift is available for homes of any size where there’s a need for help with carrying food, drinks, shopping or laundry between floors.

Residential dumbwaiters are small cabinet lifts that can be customised to the size you need. We can also position them at the exact height that will serve your needs best. Once you’ve had a dumbwaiter in your home, you’ll never want to be without it.

Tower Lifts — Residential Lift Experts

We’re one of the leading residential lift companies in the UK, with two decades’ experience designing and constructing innovative, cutting-edge lift technology. We’re a “full service” lift company, working with our clients from the design phase through to the installation and ongoing maintenance of their residential lift.

Tower Lifts is an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

If you are interested in finding out more about installing a residential lift, please contact our friendly staff today on 01525 601099.