Tower Lifts: Keeping people and goods moving at Selfridges


One really important factor in any large department store is to keep the store well stocked in the most efficient way.

Having a reliable lift to transport goods and staff between floors is a must-have to ensure the most efficient and cost effective workflow. When these type of lifts needs replacing there can be all sorts of complications, especially in the old buildings of some of London’s largest and most renowned department stores.

Selfridges & Co

Selfridges have embarked on a huge project with Tower Lifts; replacing their 55 year old 2000kg Goods/Passenger lift in their London flagship store with a brand new 4800kg unit with an increased cabin size that will take a total of two months to install. The new lift is due to be operational at the beginning of April 2015.

One of the problems with the lift shaft in Selfridges is that it is not a standard size, so the UK retail giants had to find someone who would be able to design a bespoke lift that would fit in the space available.

Tower Lifts

Tower lifts provide a variety of different solutions from passenger lifts, goods lifts, platform lifts and even home liftsWe have over 15 years of extensive experience fitting lifts in retail, residential and commercial environments.

One of the reasons that so many companies and prestigious names, such as Selfridges, choose Tower Lifts to install their passenger lifts is that they offer bespoke and custom designed lift systems that can be tailored to almost any situation; complete with maintenance and service packages to make sure that the lifts stay in the best possible shape.

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