Passenger Lift in Manchester

Tower Lifts Install Passenger Lift in Manchester

Tower Lifts have just completed another successful lift project, installing a passenger lift in Manchester.   We were selected for the job based upon our experience installing high-quality bespoke passenger lifts throughout the United Kingdom.

Tower Lifts have already installed a number of bespoke passenger lifts in Manchester, with custom features tailored to suit the installation, location and client requirements.  This passenger lift installation was for a premier apartment building located in the heart of Manchester and required a beautiful finish suitable for the buildings aesthetic.

We installed a 5 stop passenger lift and a 3 stop platform lift.  The client requested a larger 2800mm cabin for the passenger lift with 2.4-metre doors.  The standard size for a passenger lift is 2100mm with 2-metre doors.  The client asked for the larger elevator so residents could move furniture using the lift. 

The platform lift was designed as a secondary passenger lift, so people with disabilities can get around the apartment building.  The platform lift allows anyone with a disability to access the main passenger lift.

Our ability to create custom-designed passenger lifts, like the ones required for this particular client, is why we have remained the number one choice for lift installation in the United Kingdom.

Tower Lifts specialise in a variety of passenger lifts including:

Bespoke scenic lifts
High-performance glazed lifts that allow passengers to enjoy the scenery while being transported

Residential passenger lifts
We design and install lifts for private homes, apartment complexes and more.  Our residential lifts are also used in factories and industrial buildings.

Public building passenger lifts
We design public lifts and install public lifts in accordance with the strictest safety laws and standards

Passenger lifts with low pit or headroom restrictions
Our engineers have installed dozens of lifts that accommodate specific limitations in a building, be it reduced pit or headroom sizes.

We also specialise in more bespoke lift solutions

class=”p1″>Cantilever Platform Lift

class=”p1″>Contact us for a passenger lift installation in Manchester or maybe something more bespoke, such as this recent hidden platform lift for the San Carlo restaurant in Manchester

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Our passenger lifts are high-performance and use the latest technology to ensure a comfortable ride for passengers

Our new Stepless integrated lifts can blend into many different settings, regardless of height restrictions.

At the start of the planning phase, we sit down with our customers and gather all of the necessary details to meet their individual requirements. Paying close attention to any constraints that their building has, we design the perfect solution that we know will work. Because we provide every facet of a passenger lift workflow, from design to installation — we know what works and what doesn’t.

Tower Lifts — A Lift Company With Experience

Tower Lifts are the leading lift company in the United Kingdom, with 15 years of experience installing custom-designed lifts. We are very proud to provide all passenger lift services, from conception and design through to installation.

We specialise in the installation of bespoke lift projects and can create custom solutions to fit any building. We frequently install passenger lifts in Manchester, along with car lifts, dumbwaiters and platform lifts.

Our ability to design and install bespoke lift projects allows us to handle tricky installations where there is insufficient room for a traditional lift installation. Our passenger lift services have been used in all types of public and private buildings across Manchester.

We also have experience installing lifts in Stockport, Oldham, Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Macclesfield and elsewhere

passenger lifts in manchester

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In addition to passenger lifts, Tower Lifts install a wide variety of lifts in various sizes and configurations, including:

Bespoke Platform Lifts • Food Lifts Passenger Lifts • Dumbwaiter Lifts • Step Lifts • Goods Lifts • Scenic Lifts • Car Lifts • Low Pit Lifts • Service Lifts