Tower Lifts Install Passenger Lift for Warwickshire Council


We’re pleased to announce the acquisition of a new project, the supply of a passenger lift to Warwickshire council for installation in one of their public Council buildings.

The Council had been struggling to find a Part M Compliant Lift with headroom restrictions, and we were more than pleased to assist them with their requirement. After meeting with the client, discussing their requirements and assessing the site, we were able to supply from our range a EN81:41 passenger lift. This lift covers from ground to the first floor, with a minimal 100mm pit and 2500mm headroom.

The installation of this passenger lift in Warwickshire will add yet another page to our impressive and increasing portfolio.

More and more often, we are contacted with unusual, difficult and custom lift requirements, and it is our pleasure to meet these challenges again and again to the satisfaction of our customers.

In line with the existing planning restrictions for the property, installation of this lift will be quick and easy, with minimal disruption to the building, staff and daily workings. The lift is currently in production, with the installation due to proceed in the near future. An additional feature being fitted to the lift will be a battery back-up – which will enable the lift to make up to 10 travels in the event of a power cut.

If you have any requirements for a restricted headroom passenger lift, in Warwickshire or anywhere else in the country, please do get in touch today.

We are only too happy to discuss your requirements over the phone, on 01525 601099, or by email on