Tower Lifts Install Lifts for JD Sports in Ireland

Dumb waiter lifts are especially popular with businesses that need to move their goods rapidly between floors, without losing staff from the shop floor. JD Sports in Dundrum Shopping Centre, Ireland were looking for a reliable method of transportation for shoes and trainers from the stock room to the sales floor. Tower Lifts has extensive experience of installing dumb waiter lifts in a variety of settings including restaurants, hotels, libraries and pubs – so we were delighted to install two for this leading sports retailer.

Installation of Low Pit Passenger Lift


In addition to the 2 dumb waiter lifts, JD Sports also requested the installation of a passenger lift with reduced pit and headroom. Where the pit or headroom on site falls short of the European EN.81 standards for lifts, we offer a lift solution which can be installed within a 250mm pit or with 2500mm headroom. Tower Lifts are able to ensure complete legal compliance combined with high performance despite working with limited space. We guarantee that our low pit lifts achieve speeds of one metre per second which makes them comparable with standard models.

JD Sports staff were delighted with the installations, and we were pleased to have completed the job without causing undue disruption to members of the public shopping in the store.

Tower Lifts tailor our bespoke lift installations to suit your individual requirements

Our design and installation team know that there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ lift installation. After over a decade of working in commercial, heritage, public and domestic settings, we have dealt with a huge range of challenges and that means that we now bring a wealth of experience to bear as we tackle each new project.

Our team will always take the time to talk customers through the range of options we can provide, and we are always able to install a lift which meets our clients’ requirements.

If you have a lift installed which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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