Tower Lifts Design and Install 13 Person Lifts in London

Tower Lifts have installed many bespoke passenger lifts in the past 15-years, including some large 13 person lifts in London


These large capacity lifts are perfect for busy residential complexes, retail outlets, hospitals, care homes, performance venues and public buildings.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading lift companies in London and throughout the United Kingdom by providing a professional, cost-effective and reliable service. Our ability to produce beautiful, efficient and reliable 13 person lifts has led to our services being in high demand throughout the United Kingdom. We take pride in our unblemished safety record, with all lifts having a wide range of mandatory and optional safety features.


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Tower Lifts Install Bespoke 13 Person Lifts in London

We specialise in creating bespoke 13 person lifts in London that are customised to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Nearly every aspect of our 13 person lifts can be modified including:

  • The cabin’s interior design 

    We can modify the cabin’s interior to closely match the design aesthetics you your building.
  • Cabin dimensions

    Tower Lifts can design 13 person lift cabins with a unique size or which fit the size restrictions of an existing lift shaft.
  • Lift speed and maximum load

    Our passenger lifts have been installed in every type of building, from large high-rise residential complexes through to industrial buildings. We can design bespoke 13 person lifts that are built to operate at high speed and/or to carry extremely heavy loads.
  • Accessibility features

    Accessibility is very important for lifts that are in public buildings, aged care facilities, hospitals or residential complexes. Tower Lifts can add a range of accessibility features to your 13 person lift that fully comply with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) lift requirements.
  • Lift mechanics

    We use a range of engineering solutions to power our passenger lifts including hydraulic and traction lift systems. Tower Lifts can help you choose the appropriate mechanical design of your 13 person lift to suit your requirements.
  • Security features

    Tower Lifts can add a range of internal security measures to your lift including CCTV systems and various sensors. We can also add access control mechanisms including biometric scanner, card readers and keypads to limit access to your 13 person passenger lift. All security features can be integrated with your existing security infrastructure.

Tower Lifts also specialise in designing 13 person passenger lifts that can work in locations with low pits or headroom restrictions. Our talented lift engineers can design a solution that works within any limitations that your building may have.

Case Study: 13 Person Lift in Glyndebourne

Tower Lifts were commissioned to build a bespoke 13 person passenger lift for the Glyndebourne Opera House. The opera house is a world famous venue that attracts up to 150,000 guests annually. It has hosted hundreds of incredible artists over the years, including Kate Royal Joan Sutherland and John Pritchard.

This bespoke lift is a three floor, 13 person passenger lift that sits on the exterior of the building. The lift had to be beautifully designed to match the elegant interiors of the opera house. The lift features curved glass walls to match the stunning architecture of the building’s exterior and has internal components designed to match the building’s interior.

Hydraulic Passenger Lift

The lift is sunk into a pit below ground level to minimise visual interference with the gardens when it is not in use. This beautiful 13 person passenger lift is just one of many bespoke passenger lifts that Tower Lifts have designed and installed.

exor approved

Tower Lifts – We take Lift Safety Seriously

We take pride in our ability to design comfortable, reliable and efficient passenger lifts that are extremely safe.

Tower Lifts have an unblemished safety record, are Exor Safecontractor and use a wide range of safety mechanisms to ensure that record remains intact. We are a ISO9001:2008 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all Lift rules and regulations.

Some of our mandatory and optional 13 person passenger lift safety features include:

  • Alarm Systems
    All passenger lifts must contain an alarm which passenger can use to notify the building owner of a problem with the lift or other emergency. They should also include alarms to notify passengers of a problem with the lift or another issue affecting the building. We can include additional functionality for alarms and incorporate them with existing security or emergency infrastructure within the building. Tower Lifts can also have alarms to trigger automated calls or texts to third-parties including emergency services, lift technicians and building managers.
  • Door Interlocks, Final Limit Switches and Other Features
    All lifts include a wide range of mandatory safety mechanisms which ensure the lift operates correctly. The door interlocks will prevent the lift doors from opening unless the lift is in the correct position. The final limit switch will cut off power to the lift if the lift’s stopping devices have failed.
  • Communication Systems

    Tower Lifts have been at the forefront of adding modern communication systems to lifts. Gone are the days where the lift simply contained a telephone handset which connected passengers to maintenance staff or the building owner. Our bespoke 13 person passenger lifts can incorporate a wide range of communications technologies including mobile, Internet and landline options. Should an emergency occur, your passengers will have the option to contact virtually anyone from within the lift.
  • Emergency Backup Power
    Being stuck in a lift during a blackout can be very distressing for passengers. For this reason, Tower Lifts have the option to include emergency backup power generators for 13 person passenger lifts. This backup power source will allow the lift to maintain some level of operation during a power outage.
  • Emergency Lowering Devices

    The emergency lowering device will lower the lift to either an adjacent floor or the ground floor in the event of an emergency.
  • Handrails
    Handrails are a simple but useful safety feature which help passengers avoid injury in the event of an emergency stoppage.

Tower Lifts, the Leading Passenger Lift Company in London

Tower Lifts can install a beautiful 13 person passenger lift that is comfortable, safe and reliable. We are a full service lift company that works with our clients from the design stage through to the final completion of the project. We also offer a range of lift maintenance services throughout London and elsewhere to ensure your lift continues to run perfectly.

If you are interested in learning more about our 13 person passenger lift installations in London, please contact our friendly staff today on 01525 601099

In addition to our Passenger Lift Services, we can also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout London and the UK including:

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