The Stepless Lift – An Elegant Solution for Distinguished Surroundings

The design and installation team at Tower Lifts are always delighted to be able to provide clients with an ingenious solution for challenging operating environments. Over the past two decades we have seen an encouraging growth in the level of commitment to providing enhanced access for people with limited mobility, but this can pose an interesting challenge when dealing with heritage sites, or historic buildings where the original fabric, design and aesthetic is integral to the visitor experience. The dilemma for curators is how to ensure ease of access, without drawing attention to ungainly machinery or a modern installation that looks out of place.

The Hidden Lift Appears When You Need It!

Our stepless lift has proved hugely popular for heritage sites with split-level flooring featuring steps as an access point. Tower Lifts’ platform access lift provides alternative access for wheelchair users by integrating a lift platform into the existing steps, and using recycled original materials where possible to achieve a seamless match between the historic feature and the contemporary access solution. This bespoke platform lift appears only when it is required, has an elegant operating mechanism, and disappears again once the action is complete.

Adaptable, Flexible Lift Solutions for the 21st Century

TLP 1000Whilst developing the design and technology for the stepless lift, we made adaptability and flexibility our priority. No two historic buildings are the same which is why they are so precious to us, so we have created a platform access lift that can be adapted to virtually any leisure or heritage environment:

The Design – beautifully simple and ultimately flexible. A series of customised panels are integrated into the existing stairs. Once activated the stair panels flatten and lock to form a sturdy platform lift.

Integrated Safety Features – once the hidden lift has been activated and the platform is locked flat, automatic barriers secure the lift base.

Multi-Use Functionality – This sturdy alternative to steps makes it an excellent solution for shifting heavy loads or moving furniture. Several art galleries have recognised its potential for aiding the transportation of large installations, or delicate artworks.

Environmentally Responsive – the stepless lift has been designed to operate reliably in the temperature range of -40°C to 50°C. This means that it can be installed indoors or outside.

This unique bespoke platform lift is now providing access to mobility-impaired visitors across the UK but we’re constantly on the look-out for new installation challenges, so let us know if you have an environment which needs an elegant solution to enhanced access and we’ll be delighted to find exactly the hidden lift fit for your unique environment.

If you have a platform lift installed which requires maintenance or repairs, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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