Stepless Bespoke Lift

Our Stepless Bespoke Lift – For heritage and historical buildings

It’s been a busy few months for us here at Tower Lifts, as we’ve been promoting our services and installing products in locations up and down the country.

Our customisable, bespoke platform lifts seem to be in high demand at the moment, with many high-profile organisations and businesses requesting installations in a number of interesting locations – challenges which have kept us busy but which ultimately we have conquered.

Our biggest-selling lift solution right now has to be our ‘Stepless Lift’

An innovative and striking design concept that sees a platform lift secreted into existing stairs, camouflaged to blend into the surrounding decor so that, until it’s operational, you would never even realise it was there!

TLP 1000

Incorporating a mobility-friendly solution into any existing space can be difficult, especially when dealing with heritage or historical buildings

Often these spaces feature split-level flooring, with steps between levels, or up to a platform or dais. For people who rely on wheelchairs for mobility, such obstacles are unmanageable; but anyone with limited mobility, through injury, chronic pain or illness, may struggle to manage even a few steps. An integrated bespoke lift can change all that, providing the perfect solution for ease of access for all your guests and staff.

Stepless integrated bespoke lifts are totally customisable, designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding room and decor

Where possible, existing materials are recycled to ensure the lift remains totally camouflaged when not in use, perfect for listed and protected spaces which may hold great historical significance.

So how does a stepless bespoke lift work?

It’s simple really. We integrate a series of panels into existing stairs which, when activated, flatten out and lock together, converting into a platform. The lift base is secured by automatic barriers to ensure user safety, and then the direction of travel is confirmed by use of either the up or down button, there is also the benefit of our bespoke stepless lifts allowing easy access for deliveries, or when moving heavy furniture. Our lifts are able to operate between temperatures of -40°C to 50°C, so they can be installed either inside or outdoors, too.

Innovative and exciting, yet functional and reliable lift solutions

Our bespoke lifts have been installed across the UK and beyond, in schools, museums, galleries, libraries, even churches and one cathedral!  However big or small your space, we have a design solution to suit.

Why not contact us on 01525 601099 today to find our more, or visit our blog to view some of our recent installations.