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The origins of the 'Dumb Waiter' lift

The Origins of the ‘Dumb Waiter’ Lift

The Origins of the ‘Dumb Waiter’ Lift The Tower Lifts team have designed and installed hundreds of ‘Dumb Waiter’ lifts over the years, so we thought we knew pretty much everything about them. But then, a curious customer asked where the name came from and we were flummoxed. We’ve done a bit of research and

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different types dumbwaiter lifts

Different Types Dumbwaiter Lifts

Different Types of Dumbwaiter Lifts Every day, hundreds of thousands of goods are transported by lorry, train, ship and air to ensure the smooth running of our economy. Whatever the size or sector of your business, moving your goods effectively and efficiently is key, and Tower Lifts often finds itself solving logistical challenges for clients.

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dumbwaiter lifts for restaurants

Dumbwaiter Lifts for Restaurants

Dumbwaiter Lifts for Restaurants There’s not many lifts that have starred in a West End play, but the dumbwaiter did just that a few decades back.  Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter has two contract killers sitting in the basement of what appears to be a deserted restaurant. After a while the apparently defunct dumbwaiter lift

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