Passenger Lifts in Nottingham

Tower Lifts, a Leading Supplier of Passenger Lifts in Nottingham

In any bustling city centre the network of passenger lifts forms an essential function in the smooth-running of retail, emergency services, commerce and residential access. We take for granted this efficient and reliable mode of vertical transport between floors and levels, but without it many of the services integral to modern living would be incapable of operating. Imagine the chaos of a hospital without passenger lift access, or the inconvenience of shopping centres, museums, leisure centres requiring visitors to negotiate stairs with their bags of shopping, pushchairs, heavy items and trolleys. Without passenger lifts the lives of wheelchair users, partially sighted and movement impaired city dwellers would be drastically reduced. At Tower Lifts we’re proud of the essential service we provide daily.

Why Choose Tower Lifts for Passenger Lifts in Nottingham?

We’ve been designing and installing passenger lifts in city centres across the UK for well over a decade. Clients wishing to install a passenger lift system in Nottingham would be buying into a highly skilled team of dedicated designers, project managers and installers who understand the challenges of working in just about every operating environment, and who always put the safety of the public at the heart of their work.

Understanding the Operating Environment when Installing Passenger Lifts in Nottingham

Our passenger lifts are designed on a project-by-project basis; we listen carefully to clients’ needs and custom design to meet their requirements:

Passenger Lifts in Nottingham

  • Heritage Sites – if your lift location has height or space restrictions due to legacy architecture we can offer a low pit or headroom restricted passenger lift which fits snugly into ‘difficult’ historic spaces.
  • City Centre Public Spaces – the beauty of the contemporary city centre inspires spacious glass-dominated lifts that offer panoramic views. Tower Lifts can design and fit a scenic passenger lift system in Nottingham.
  • Factories, Hospitals, Car Parks – when fitting lifts in locations where the they offer an essential service, Tower Lifts will recommend their public building lifts that guarantee high performance under heavy usage.
  • Residential Passenger Lifts – our specially designed residential lifts offer easy access to multiple floors in large houses, or care homes where residents would otherwise struggle to use the stairs.

If you have a passenger lift installed which requires repairs, we have a team of dedicated experts ready to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


Passenger Lifts in Nottingham Make Life Run More Smoothly

Our lift installations aren’t just for people! Recently the leading brand ‘Schuh’ requested the services of a lift engineer in Nottingham to fit a conveyor belt system to transport goods between store rooms and the shop floor. We’re delighted that ‘Schuh’ chose Tower Lifts to design and manage the process.

Tower Lifts understands how important the installation of passenger lifts in Nottingham is for its residents, visitors, and business leaders – you can trust us to keep the network operating smoothly, reliably and efficiently.

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