Stylish Home Lifts

Stylish Home Lifts for Lifestyle, Luxury and Access

As home lifts become ever more affordable, the potential uses homeowners find for them continue to grow. The latest generation of stylish home lifts offer travel between floors that is quiet, smooth and they are small enough to fit easily into a family home.

The Tower Lifts team has been installing residential lifts for nearly two decades now, and the innovations made in that time are extraordinary. In this blog we take a look at the range of home lifts on offer, and the uses to which they can be put.

Types of Home Lifts

There are four types of home lifts, each of which can be customised either to integrate with the existing décor or to create a statement as a luxury lifestyle feature.

1. Platform Lifts

The platform lift is ideal if the goal is to create access throughout the home for a wheelchair user. This flexible and innovative transport can be used on straight or curved staircases, as vertical transport through all floors, or for short flights of steps, or split-level flooring. These lifts can be installed internally or externally and customised to create a stylish addition to the home.

The platform lift does not require a lift shaft and is therefore easy to install in a residential environment. It travels at a maximum speed of 0.15MPS.

2. Through Floor Lifts

This stylish home lift is designed to fit easily into a modestly sized home. They can be situated in the corner of the lounge, or hallway, and provide a comfortable journey up to your bedroom. The through floor lift is ideal for anyone who is mobility impaired, and there is no lift shaft required for installation.

The cabin design of this home lift can be customised to your taste, and its compact design makes it both stylish and elegantly unassuming.

3. Passenger Lifts

Installing a passenger lift in your home can add a touch of luxury to your lifestyle. Once you have decided where it should go, and how many people it will accommodate, the style and appearance is up to you. There are really no limits to the creative and stylistic options you have at this stage. We have customised lifts with wooden panelling, glass shafts, bespoke tiled flooring, and custom control panels.

4. Dumbwaiter Lifts

The dumbwaiter has been providing great service in residential settings since the eighteenth century. Now it’s available to any household that would value help with moving food, shopping, laundry, or luggage between floors. This small cabinet shaped home lift is stylish and sleek. It’s usually installed at waist height but can be customised to fulfil your requirements.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is among the UK’s leading designers and installers of stylish home lifts and platform lifts. We’ve been providing residential lifts for nearly two decades now, and we ensure that the lifts we install look stunning, offer high-quality performance and perfectly match the needs of clients. We are compliant with all lift regulations, and passenger safety is always our priority.

We’re always delighted to discuss our range of stylish home lifts, so do call us if you would like to know more – 01525 601099

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