Stevenage Home Elevators

A thriving town with a growing population, such as Stevenage, has a wealth of reasons for installing elevators – there’s the movement of goods, the movement of people, and the provision of access for people with limited mobility. Over the past twenty years, Tower Lifts has been a frequent visitor to the town, working with shop owners, local government, contractors and business owners, helping to keep Stevenage on the move. More recently, we have been experiencing a growth in demand for home lifts for Stevenage; our clients want to remain in their own homes, rather than going into residential care, and domestic platform lifts provide an ideal solution for people who are having trouble moving from one floor to another.

A Range of Stevenage Home Elevators to Choose From

At one time, the home lift was considered a luxury for large houses with servants’ quarters. Advances in domestic platform lifts’ technology have changed all that, and the Tower Lifts team are delighted to be able to offer clients a range of bespoke domestic lifts for Stevenage which are efficient, affordable, and flexible. Our home lift solutions for Stevenage are designed to the architectural specifications of your home.

Domestic Platform Lifts for Stairs – whether your stairs are straight, curved, or even spiral, we can install an elegant lift solution which provides a smooth passage between floors and is designed for frequent use.

Domestic Platform Lifts for SplitLevel Flooring – if you have short flights of steps between floors, or maybe outside your home, our home disability lifts provide a discrete solution that can be seamlessly integrated with the operating environment.

Domestic Platform Lifts Between Floors – this is a modular lift solution, with a passenger cabin which is large and robust enough to carry a wheelchair and passenger. The design allows for flexible and efficient installation powered either hydraulically or electrically.

Stevenage Home Elevators

Tower Lifts are expert providers in home lifts for Stevenage, we have helped clients in surrounding areas including Graveley, Walkern, Benington, Hitchin, Welwyn Garden City, Baldock, Luton, Hertford, Knebworth, Whitwell and more!


Installing and Maintaining Stevenage Home Elevators

Tower Lifts recognise that home lifts solutions for Stevenage are going to become a priority as the ageing population grows over the next few years. We provide a holistic service for our domestic clients which begins with assessment and advice and continues through the installation process to annual maintenance and servicing. Our clients are involved in each stage of the process, particularly the design, as we are keen to provide home lifts for Stevenage that are a feature rather than a function.

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