Step Platform Lift

Step Platform Lifts Make Access Easier

Wheelchair users tell us that often it’s not accessing the top floor of a high rise building that’s the problem, it’s getting up the 4 steps leading to its reception entrance. Just think how many times you encounter a short staircase, or split level flooring in shops, offices or galleries. These are frustrating symbols of exclusion for someone with impaired mobility.

The same problem occurs in private or rented housing. In many instances it’s something as simple as steps in the garden or leading to the front door which can prove an obstacle to access. Thankfully step platform lifts offer a tailor-made solution to this particular problem. Tower Lifts regularly installs this elegant and adaptable vertical transport in residential and commercial environments.

What are Step Platform Lifts?

Step platform lifts – also known as low rise platform lifts – are designed to offer short distance travel up a few steps. It can be seen as a ‘bridge’ between a lower level and an upper level. The lift utilises a platform strong enough to carry a wheelchair and passenger for this task. The mechanism provides a high quality passenger experience, and can be installed inside or outside.

A step lift installation is relatively quick and easy because the mechanism requires no lift shaft. There are a range of finishes and colours available to match step lifts to their surroundings. And they ensure that a public building is compliant with the 2010 Disability & Equality Act, and Part M of the Building Regulations.

Integrated Step Platform Lifts

The integrated step platform lift is extremely popular in heritage properties, art galleries and residential settings. The reason for this is that it can be integrated to seamlessly match its surroundings. The lift is integrated into the stairs and appears only when activated. Once operational, the lift’s safety barriers appear and the steps become a platform ready to transport either up or down.

Bespoke Step Platform Lifts

The Tower Lifts design team create bespoke platform lifts where a client requires the preservation of an historic aesthetic or home décor. These are bespoke installations often utilising a platform lift which is recessed into the floor, with hidden safety barriers. Once activated, the elegant mechanism becomes operational, providing a smooth and reliable journey. We have created bespoke step platform lifts camouflaged as cobblestones, parquet flooring, and even grass!

Working With a Platform Lift Company

Tower Lifts designers and installers have been providing a range of commercial and residential platform lifts for nearly two decades now. The role of a platform lift installation is always to enhance access and improve quality of life for wheelchair users. The variety of environments in which step platform lifts now operate ranges from shops, to schools, to hotels and entertainment venues.

We take pride in being a leading step lift provider in London and across the UK. We have built a reputation for finding creative solutions to access, whatever the challenges. We haven’t yet found an environment that has defeated us!

Tower Lifts offers simple elegant platform lift designs which provide internal and external access for wheelchair users. Call us today to find out more on 01525 601099

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