Tower Lifts – Preferred Step Lift Provider for Milton Keynes

Metropolitan Milton Keynes has come a long way since its designation as a ‘new town’ in 1967. Seventy years ago, it was an uncomfortable amalgamation of small local towns and rural villages but it has more than surpassed planners’ expectations and is now a 21st century hub with something for everyone. Visitors flock to Milton Keynes for its fantastic shopping centre, the theatre district, the wildlife parks, sports amenities, and areas of natural beauty. As a preferred step lift provider for Milton Keynes we gauge the growth and success of the town by the development of our client base – and, from our perspective, it looks like business is booming.

Step Lifts Designed to be Safe

At Tower Lifts we supply only fully compliant platform lifts and we pride ourselves on the safety training which is a requirement for our engineers and installers. We are ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert, and all of our work is DDA compliant.

Step Lift Company Milton Keynes

What is the Operating Environment for a Step Lift?

The answers to that question are many and varied! The step lift is designed to manage the problem of transporting good or people up short flights of steps, or from one level to another in split-level environments. Also known as the ‘low rise platform lift’ or ‘wheelchair lift’, this adaptable vertical transport can be found in a whole host of different locations performing a range of functions. As a step lift provider for Milton Keynes we have installed it in a broad range of locations:

Public Sector – the low rise platform lift is a popular solution to providing enhanced access for wheelchair users to public buildings such as libraries, schools, local heritage centres.

Retail Outlets – shop owners know that as the Milton Keynes shopping centre attracts more and more customers, full access to stores on the ‘covered high street’ is essential to the Milton Keynes brand. Our step lifts come fully-fitted with safety features making it adaptable to the size of the installation environment.

Factories and Warehouses – whilst the step lift is a popular choice for wheelchair access, it is also a great solution for factory owners requiring the movement of heavy goods between levels. The low rise platform lift has a capacity of 300kg, it runs on an hydraulic drive at 15 MPS and can be installed with the minimum of disruption to business as usual.

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How Did Tower Lifts Become the Step Lift Company for Milton Keynes?

We have been serving Buckinghamshire businesses for two decades now. In the early stages, much of our business came by word-of-mouth and it was in this was that we developed our brand and earned our reputation as highly skilled lift professionals that listen carefully to their customers and find bespoke solutions for their transportation problems. Our Buckinghamshire lift design and installation teams are now experienced in working on high profile projects across the UK, and they bring a level of expertise which continues to give our clients the confidence to pass our name on to their contacts.

In addition to Step Lifts, we can also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout the UK including:

Dometic Lifts   Food Lifts  Bespoke Platform Lifts  •  Service Lifts Platform Lifts Goods Lifts Scenic LiftsHeavy Duty / Car Lifts  • Passenger LiftsDumbwaiter Lifts • MRL Lifts • Fire lifts • Residential Lifts