First Choice for Step Lift Providers in Manchester

Manchester is a city with something for everyone; great shopping, incredible entertainment venues, and a nightlife that people will travel miles to be a part of. All the evidence shows that Mancunians are keen to make sure that every single person living in and around Manchester has the opportunity to access the attractions the city has to offer; Tower Lifts has seen a steady rise in demand for low rise lift solutions in Manchester over the past five years, and there are no signs of the pace slowing.

Step Lifts Designed to be Safe

At Tower Lifts we supply only fully compliant Step lifts and we pride ourselves on the safety training which is a requirement for our engineers and installers. We are ISO9001:2015, Lift Cert, and all of our work is DDA compliant.

Step Lift Provider for Manchester

Step Lift Provider for Manchester Meets a Growing need in the City

So why the high demand for low rise platform lifts in Manchester? Also known as the step lift, or disability access lift, the low rise platform lift is a state-of-the-art alternative to traditional lifts which required a cumbersome lift shaft in order to operate. Platform lifts provide adaptable, stylish solutions for a whole range of venues, making them the most popular way to provide ease of access for people with limited mobility, partial sight or blindness.

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Disability Access Lifts in Manchester

The Disability Discrimination Act is now known and respected across major cities such as Manchester, and it is our experience that business owners are eager to find ways to provide enhanced access. Until recently the problem was always to do with finding the vertical transport product that would fit, but the low rise platform lift has changed all that. We have fitted low rise lift solutions in Manchester for schools, shops, clubs, galleries, offices and hotels. Whether your problem is spilt-level flooring, multi-floor access, or short flights of steps, our platform lifts can provide access.

A Trusted Step Lift Provider for Manchester

Tower Lifts is the number one provider of low rise platform lifts in Manchester. We provide second-to-none pre-installation advice and diagnostics, fast and efficient installation from skilled and experienced lift engineers, and ongoing maintenance and repairs once your lift is up and running. Our lifts are bespoke to the operating environment, built to last, and finished to blend seamlessly with the existing style and décor of the surroundings. We can even install our platform lifts indoors or out!

In addition to Step Lifts, we can also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout the UK including:

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