Stairway Platform Lift

Why Choose a Stairway Platform Lift?

More and more older couples are creating future-proofed versions of their houses. Instead of worrying about no longer being able to access the whole house, they’re installing lifts to ensure access is always available. Stairs are the most obvious area to work with. But what kind of vertical transport should you choose?

The Tower Lifts design team always ask the ‘What If?” question in order to help families with this knotty problem. What if one or both of you finds yourself confined to a wheelchair? What kind of lift will be required then? In this scenario the elevator will need to lift both the person and their wheelchair, which makes a stairway platform lift the best solution.

Inclined Stairway Platform Lifts

When you mention ‘stairlifts’ most people think about the ones that slide on a track and have a seat for the passenger. An inclined platform lift works in a similar way, except it has a platform which transports a wheelchair and its user up and down stairs. First and foremost, there’s no need to transfer from your wheelchair onto a seat to use it, and it ensures a comfortable way to access your home especially if you don’t have room for a vertical platform lift between floors.

The Benefits of Platform Lift Technology

The platform lift is an innovative and adaptable technology that is designed to enhance access for wheelchair users. As such, it can be depended upon to provide a durable and compliant installation providing consistently high-quality performance for passengers. Its many benefits include:

  • Foldable Design. When not in use stairway platform lifts can be folded away leaving the staircase unencumbered for other users.
  • Straight or Curved. Inclined platform lifts are designed to hug the contours of your specific stairway, whatever its shape.
  • A Size to Fit Your Home. They come in different sizes and can be finished to seamlessly match your internal décor.
  • Durable and Safe. Your stairway platform lift is designed to be compliant to EN81-41, and has integrated safety features.
  • Additional Passengers. The wheelchair platform can include a seat for an extra passenger that folds away when not needed.
  • Interior or Exterior. The inclined platform lift can be installed internally or externally.

Bespoke Platform Lift Range From Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is a platform lift company with a reputation for creating elegant bespoke solutions for homes and public spaces. Our design team can create bespoke platform lifts that are camouflaged to match the surrounding floor. We have also designed integrated lifts in which the platform is designed to look like the existing stairs, until activated at which point the stairs elegantly transform into a sturdy platform.

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