13 Person Lift Specialists

Tower lifts are a UK lift company that specialises in the design and installation of bespoke passenger lifts, including large 13 person lifts.

We can handle any unique requirements you have for the cabin, machinery, automation, security, accessibility and performance of your lift installation.

13 person lift

To determine the correct specifications for your bespoke lift, some of the questions that we will ask you include:

  • Is the passenger lift in a public space and must have a high-level of accessibility?
  • Will it frequently be used by mobility-impaired people and people in wheelchairs?
  • Does it need to be a high capacity lift?
  • What style should the cabin be to match the design aesthetic and architecture of the building?
  • Will the lift be used heavily throughout the day?
  • Are any additional security or automation features required?

From those answers, our lift technicians will determine the appropriate size and design of your bespoke passenger lift cabin. Tower lifts can install bespoke passenger lifts of any capacity, including 6 person, 8 person lift and large 13 person lifts.

Why Choose a Large 13 Person Lift?

Our 13 person lift designs are ideal for high-volume environments like shopping centres, universities, public buildings and hotels. Having a larger cabin can reduce wait times for passengers in these busy environments and increase customer satisfaction.

For offices buildings, warehouses and factories, a larger lift capacity can increase the productivity of workers who will not be standing around waiting for space in a lift. If there are many employees starting the day at a particular time, having a high-volume and high-speed lift is important for getting them to work on time.

The large cabin of the 13 person passenger lift is also a fantastic choice for hospitals, which must accommodate wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Our 13 person lifts are available with different dimensions:

  • A square-shaped 13 person lift — popular as a high-capacity passenger lift in public buildings, hotels, retail stores, universities and shopping centres
  • A stretcher-shaped 13 person lift — perfect for accommodating hospital beds or for transporting long pallets in factories or warehouses

Tower lifts are the most experienced UK lift company who specialise in the installation of large capacity lifts in busy operating environments.

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Tower Lifts — Lift Repair Services

Lift Repair Services

lift repairs in london

lift repair

If you have a large capacity lift that is experiencing problems, our talented lift engineers can diagnose the issue and repair the lift.  In addition to lift repair services we also offer a range of maintenance services including:

  • Maintenance schedule development for passenger lifts

    We can develop a lift maintenance schedule that is appropriate for the age of your passenger lift, its operating environment and age of its mechanical components.
  • Preventative maintenance for lifts

    Once a maintenance schedule has been established, out experience lift technicians can carry out the necessary maintenance on your lift. A properly maintained lift will be safer, more reliable, quieter, more efficient and less likely to suffer catastrophic failure.
  • Passenger lift diagnostics

    If your lift is experiencing problems, out talented lift technicians can diagnose the issue.
  • Passenger lift safety audits
    We can examine your lift installation for any potential safety issues and ensure your lift installation complies with all safety regulations.
  • Passenger lift accessibility compliance

    We can determine if your lift is compliant with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) guidelines and make the necessary adjustments to make the lift comply

About Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts have over 15 years experience installing lifts and providing lift repair services. We are the leading UK lift company, specialising in bespoke lift installations and repairs.

We are proud to offer a full-service package, guiding our clients through each stage of the lift design, installation and maintenance process.

If your business requires bespoke passenger lifts or if you would like to know more regarding our large capacity 13 person lifts please contact our friendly team today on 01525 601099