Small Residential Lifts

Small Residential Lifts

The key technological development that has fuelled the recent trend for bespoke home lifts, has been a reduction in the space required to install them. One of the first questions Tower Lifts engineers tend to get asked by customers is about the space lifts take up. Small residential lifts can solve access problems in your home, or simply provide a luxury mode of transport between floors.

What Are Small Residential Lifts?

Small residential lifts don’t require a lift shaft installed in order to operate. This is the reason why they’re considered such great space savers. The platform lift technology combines the shaft and the lift in one unit, literally halving the space required. The simple and adaptable mechanism means that the installation is quick, requires no major structural work, and provides a cost-effective solution to accessing every floor of your home.

A Range of Small Lifts for Home Use

For close on two decades now, Tower Lifts has been providing a range of small lifts for home use.

These include:

  • Step Lifts. Ideal for short flights of steps, or split level flooring either inside the home, or in the garden or patio. Step lifts provide elegant, durable access for wheelchair users.
  • Straight Inclined Lifts. If you want a stairs to remain the main form of access to upper floors, the straight inclined lift offers a simple solution for straight staircases.
  • Curved Inclined Lifts. Where there’s a curved, or even spiral, staircase to be navigated by your lift, Tower Lifts engineers will model it to the exact curvature of your home.
  • Vertical Platform Lift. This lift is the most traditional-looking of all the platform lifts we offer. The passenger cabin provides room for a wheelchair user, and travels at 15MPS.

Bespoke Home Lifts

Whatever your home lift requirements, a Tower Lifts engineer will survey the environment in order to be able to recommend the ideal product for your needs. Most often we work with customers and their families to create a bespoke solution tailored to your specific home environment. This takes into account the size of lift, its location and any customisation you would like included.

Bespoke lift options include the installation of an integrated lift solution. These seamlessly integrate with their surroundings, appearing only when required for use. We have created integrated lifts for a cobbled courtyard, tiled flooring and even a lawn. Our vertical lift cabins can be created using your chosen materials, and can be finished in colours that match your home’s style and décor.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is the UK’s leading provider of bespoke platform lifts and has been delivering high quality small residential lifts since 2005. Every platform lift installation is assessed, designed and installed by experts with decades of experience. We work closely with families throughout the process, and provide flexible scheduling in order to minimise disruption.

If you’re looking for a small residential lift in order to provide access throughout your home, call Tower Lifts today to find out more – 01525 601099

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