Small Lifts for Houses

Installing Small Lifts for Houses

Small lifts for houses could revolutionise the way we design our homes to be homes for life. At present, the British housing stock tends to be built with younger families in mind, rather than ageing families. This simply doesn’t make sense for a country with an ageing population and increasing numbers of people opting to remain in their own homes as they grow older.

Over the past two decades the Tower Lifts team has been working with platform lift technology to improve access for people in their homes. Our range of small lifts for houses ensure that homes are accessible to people who use a wheelchair or find it difficult to climb stairs. In this article we look at the range of ways a residential lift can transform accessibility in your home.

Platform Lift Technology for Accessible Homes

Platform lifts are designed with access in mind. They utilise a flexible, innovative technology which requires no lift shaft and can be adapted to your home environment. So whatever you want from your home, Tower Lifts can design a solution that’s efficient, durable, and easy to install.

Vertical Platform Lift

This is an excellent option for movement between floors. It looks rather like a traditional passenger lift but is smaller and travels at a top speed of 0.15MPS. The vertical platform lift is available either as a hydraulic or electric system, this compact vertical lift is ideal for home use, and can be designed to fit the dimensions of your wheelchair, or to accommodate yourself and a carer. It’s available in a range of finishes to match the décor of your home.

Step Lift

Also known as a low-rise lift, the step lift provides access up a short flight of steps, or over split-level flooring. It’s an excellent alternative to a wheelchair ramp and is often used in a domestic setting where there are steps up to the front door. As a free-standing installation it is quick to install and doesn’t require a pit. The step lift offers a quiet, elegant mechanism, and a range of finishes to seamlessly integrate it with its surrounds

Inclined Lift

The straight or curved inclined lift provides a safe and efficient way for wheelchair users to access different floors of their home using the staircase. The inclined lift is designed to match the shape of your stairs and is attached directly to the wall. It’s accessed by wheeling directly onto the platform, which is fitted with safety features for travelling. When not in use the platform folds back to provide access for foot traffic.

Dumb Waiter Lift

Not a lift for transporting people, rather this small cabinet installation provides a way to move food, glasses, shopping, and laundry between floors. The dumbwaiter lift can be designed to the height and size you need and is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Platform Lifts can be Installed Outside

The adaptable nature of the platform lift means that it can be installed indoors or out. If you have a short flight of steps leading up to your front door, we can install a step lift to provide access. Similarly, should you want access to all areas of a split-level garden, we’ll design a bespoke solution. We can even install a vertical enclosed platform lift on the outside of your home.

Customised Lifts for the Home

We don’t just install lifts in homes, we make sure that they look as though they belong there. All our lifts can be customised in order to seamlessly integrate with existing interior – and exterior – décor. Vertical lifts can be fitted with transparent doors and walls, handrails, and a control panel that’s within easy reach.

About Tower Lifts

We take great pride in being one of the UK’s leading platform lift companies. For close to 20 years, we’ve been installing small lifts for houses using platform lift technology. We know that installing a lift in your home is a major decision, and we won’t rush you into making it. Our design team will be available to talk through options, answer your questions, and offer detailed guidance as and when you need it.

Once your home lift is installed, we recommend that lift maintenance is scheduled regularly in order to achieve optimum performance and durability. We are a ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

Thinking about improving access in your home? Talk to a Tower Lifts design engineer about the small lifts for houses we provide on 01525 601099

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