Small Lifts for Home

Small Lifts for Home

Tower Lifts Specialises in Small Lifts for Home Use

Remember when only large houses had lifts installed? How times have changed!! Fitting small lifts for home use is no longer just about luxury. More often it’s about people adapting a home for wheelchair access or planning for a guaranteed future in the family home, when they may not be able to manage the stairs as easily.

Tower Lifts Designs & Installs Small Lifts for Home Use

For a nearly 20 years now, Tower Lifts has been helping people to adapt their homes in order to enhance access for them. Thanks to the developments in platform lift technology, we’re now able to install home lifts in just about any type of property. Best of all, we design a lift that is tailored to your specific needs, and the architecture of your home.

Platform Lift Technology

The platform lift has transformed the home lifts sector by creating an innovative machine room-less elevator. Because platform lifts operate either electrically or hydraulically, they can be installed without needing a lift shaft. This means that whatever the size of your home, you can now have access to all the floors.

Domestic Lifts Are Ideal for Wheelchair Users

The domestic platform lift has transformed domestic house lifts for wheelchair users. The Tower Lifts team regularly installs bespoke platform lifts that have been customised to provide access between floors. The cabin is designed to comfortably accommodate a wheelchair. They also have appropriately placed control panels, and are guaranteed to provide a reliable, high-quality performance.

We provide a range of platform lift installations:

  • Inclined Platform Lift. If you use a wheelchair, you need to be able to access vertical transport up a flight of stairs directly. This is exactly what the straight inclined and curved inclined platform lift offers. It can be operated using a handset, and when not in use, the platform folds back to allow for foot traffic.
  • Step Lifts. Where there is a short flight of steps to be negotiated in a wheelchair, the step lift is an elegant alternative to a ramp. Step lifts can be installed externally, or internally. This makes them the ideal solution where there are steps leading to the front door, or reception area.
  • Vertical Platform Lift. This looks like a traditional passenger lift, but it is built on a smaller scale for use in the home. The vertical platform lift is designed to carry a wheelchair user between floors. If space is extremely tight, we design small house lifts that work externally for access to all floors.
  • Dumbwaiter Lift. Our small goods lift is designed to transport food, laundry, shopping, drinks, or luggage between the floors of your home. It’s a clean and hygienic aid to managing your home independently. The dumbwaiter lift comes in a range of sizes and can be installed at a height that suits you.

Bespoke Design for Home Lift Installation

When installing small lifts for home use home use, we ensure that the finish is seamlessly integrated with its environmentWe work closely with clients to determine the look and feel of their home lift. The passenger cabin can be finished to a colour and style that matches your home décor, as can the door panels and the frontage. Our aim is to create small house lifts that owners are proud to show off in their homes.

Maintenance and Repair for Domestic Lifts

For many of our clients, a platform lift transforms their ability to access every part of their home and provides them with a long-term future in their family residence. Tower Lifts has its part to play in facilitating reliable and durable lift access. We always recommend to our domestic clients that home lifts are regularly serviced. This minimises the risk of breakdown and maximises their ongoing performance.

Should your lift need emergency repairs, we can guarantee a swift response. Our rapid response team will diagnose the problem swiftly and make repairs immediately if at all possible. If we can’t mend your lift there and then, the repair will be scheduled promptly. We take every care that you’re not left without access any longer than necessary.

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An Experienced Team of Lift Designers and Installers

Tower Lifts takes great pride in being one of the UK’s leading small house lifts providers. For more than 15 years, we’ve been installing small house lifts designed to enhance the home environment. We are a ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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