Small House Lifts

For people experiencing limited mobility, a small house lift can be transformational. Besides offering extended mobility and enhanced independence, it also opens up the possibility of remaining in your home, even if you can no longer manage the stairs. More and more homeowners now recognise the long term advantages of installing a small house lift. So we thought we’d share with you the 5 questions we now get asked most regularly on this topic.

1. Does Your House Have to be Big Enough for a Lift Shaft?

Not at all! Lift technology has now developed to the point where lifts can be installed in virtually any property, whatever the size. Tower Lifts engineers create platform lift solutions that are compact and discrete, but offer the speed and efficiency you’ll be familiar with from using standard lift technology. Platform lifts don’t require a lift shaft and come in a range of sizes.

2. Is a Stairlift a Small House Lift?

Yes it is. We define a small house lift as any kind of vertical transport that supports enhanced mobility and access in your home. Whatever the shape and dimensions of your stairs, we will design the lift to fit it. We can even create lifts for spiral staircases – which gives you an indication of the flexibility the platform lift technology offers our designers.

3. Can Domestic Lifts be Installed Outside?

Absolutely. We regularly design and install platform lifts to enhance mobility where there are steps leading up to a property, for example. We can also help with split level gardens or terraces. The Tower Lift design team have created a number of integrated lifts for clients with period properties. In these cases the lift is designed to seamlessly blend with its surroundings.


If you’ve been thinking about installing a small house lift for a while, or you’d like to know more about home lifts, call us today on 01525 601099 to start the conversation.

4. How Much Do Small House Lifts Cost?

Platform lift technology has made home lifts far more affordable, thanks to the ease of installation. The Tower Lift design team will assess your property and your requirements before quoting. This is because every lift we install is tailor-made to support the needs of clients. We understand that budgeting is important, which is why we offer fully transparent quotes which cover every aspect of the design and installation.

5. Is Lift Installation Going to be Disruptive?

It will involve Tower Lift engineers working in your home, and it may entail structural alterations. We understand how difficult it can be to have your home disrupted, so we offer detailed information in advance. Wherever possible, we work when clients are away on holiday, or visiting family. Otherwise we’ll work with you to minimise the impact any disruption has on your household’s daily routine.

Start a Conversation With the Tower Lifts Team

We know that installing a small house lift is a major decision for homeowners, so we don’t expect it to happen over one visit, or phone call. From the moment you get in touch, our design team will be available to talk through options, answer your questions, and offer detailed advice. We won’t rush you into making a decision; but we will provide you with the support you need to arrive at one.

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