Small Domestic Lifts

Small Domestic Lifts

Small Domestic Lifts Designed for Access

Tower Lifts takes pride in the work of our design and installation team to make home life 100% easier for wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility. Our small domestic lifts installations are transformational extend access and enhance independent living. Our creative use of innovative platform lift technology means that we can now design and install small domestic lifts for any residential setting.

Five Reasons to Install Small Domestic Lifts

At one time the majority of the home lifts we installed were for wheelchair users. Now, however, there’s wide variety of reasons why people are thinking about installing small domestic lifts, from adding value to their property to future proofing a family home, or simply enjoying the luxury it affords. Here’s a sample of the most popular motivations for installing a residential lift:

“I want to make sure I can still live in my home as I get older.”

“I don’t want to be confined to the ground floor of my home.”

“We want our parents to feel comfortable staying with us.”

“I love the idea of having a lift in my home.”

“A home lift is no longer a luxury, and it adds value to my property.”

Bespoke Home Platform Lifts

The first thing we do when someone tells us they want a home lift is to make a visit. We recognise that installing a home lift is an investment for the future, so we want to make sure we get it right. Platform lift technology allows us to consider a number of different options for your home.

  • Step Lift. This is a platform lift that can be installed indoors or out. It’s designed to provide access up short flights of steps (such as those leading to a front door), or over split-level flooring.
  • Inclined Lifts. If you want to retain the staircase as your major access point in your home, the inclined lift is ideal. The straight or curved inclined lift is designed to follow the architecture of your staircase, and wheelchair users simply wheel themselves onto it. When not in use, the platform folds back to allow for foot traffic.
  • Vertical Platform Lift. This features an enclosed cabin and looks very similar to a traditional passenger lift. It requires no lift shaft for installation and can travel between 2-4 floors. It runs on either an electric or hydraulic system, and travels at a speed of 0.15MPS.

Customised Domestic Lifts

Whatever the vertical transport you choose, we’ll work with you to ensure that the installation is unique to your home interior. Small lifts for home settings can be finished in a range of colours and textures. A vertical lift cabin can be customised to ensure that the control panel is perfectly matched to your height and requirements.

Are Small Domestic Lifts Expensive to Run?

The amount of energy consumed by lift systems will differ between installations. However, platform lifts tend to be economical to run as developers recognise the need to create a low-energy system for use in the home. Tower Lifts designers and installers will use energy saving components wherever it is possible.

About Tower Lifts

For nearly 20 years now, we’ve been designing and installing compact lifts for the home environment. Our designers and installers bring years of experience to each new job and are always delighted to encounter a new challenge! Access transforms lives, and that’s why we’re passionate about providing high quality home platform lifts.

We are an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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