Service Lift

Providing great customer service is the goal of every retailer, and face-to-face customer service is the best way to do it. What the top retailers will tell you is that great service requires a blend of automated support, and engaged person-to-person interaction – which is where the service lift comes in; why take your employees away from customers to fetch goods, when a service lift can do the job better?

Whether you’re serving hot meals to diners, finding the right shoes for your customers to try, or getting fresh ingredients to the kitchen as fast as possible, services lifts are far and away the best option. They’re faster than people, they don’t take days off, and they’re built to do the job day and night without rest. Service lifts do the lifting and fetching so employees can concentrate on your customers.

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Types of Service Lift

At Tower Lifts the design and installation team work with clients to find the bespoke solution their business needs to run at optimum efficiency. We love a challenge, so every service lift we design has to provide tangible return on investment for companies. Whilst every lift installation is specific to business needs, we always work with the following basic models as our building blocks:

  • Dumbwaiter Lift – invented by the Victorians, it’s an automated waiting system that doesn’t ‘talk back’! Dumbwaiter lifts are created to carry food, or other goods, from one floor to another. They’re designed for speed, efficiency and durability.
  • Goods Lifts – designed specifically for use in the commercial sector, goods lifts feature a modular structure which eliminates the need for a pit and shaft. They are capable of carrying heavy loads, but are not suitable for transporting people between floors.
  • Goods Lift with Attendant – where the goods you are transporting need to be accompanied by an attendant, this lift, which operates on a modular structure is ideal. These lifts can be fitted quickly and easily, as they don’t require any major structural alterations.

Creating the Service Lift for Your Business

The Tower Lifts team has worked across a broad range of sectors, creating solutions for unique business challenges. Whether it’s a busy food hall requiring prompt delivery of specialist ingredients, an art gallery needing secure delivery of fragile artworks, or a pub undergoing rapid expansion to its dining area and needing meals to fly out of the kitchen at speed, we’ve designed a bespoke service lift for them.

We Design Service Lifts to Help Businesses Sell

Knowing the problem, and understanding the business goal is key to the design process. We need clients to tell us if they need 5 minutes shaved off the average time it takes to make a sale, or they need to unclog a stairway which is currently a Health & Safety hazard. Our skilled and experienced service lift designers will provide draft designs, and schedule installation ensuring the minimum disruption to business.

Business Feedback is Key to Service Lift Design

Offering a bespoke lift service means that customer feedback is an integral part of everything we do. Once our lift designers and engineers understand the brief, the process will always involve collaborative discussion in which solutions are presented and discussed, in order to refine ideas and arrive at the very best option for your business.

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