Goods & Passenger Lift installation for Selfridges


We have now finished our installation of a bespoke Goods and Passenger lift in one of London’s most iconic department stores – Selfridges!

We were contacted by the team at Selfridges & Co to help with the replacement of their 55 year old goods and passenger lift in their flagship Oxford Street store.

The lift, although still operational, was starting to show its age as it failed to keep up with modern day demands. With a weight limit of just 2000kg, daily use was becoming restrictive to efficiency and workflows. However, due to the age and design of the building, replacing the old lift wasn’t as straightforward as they hoped. The lift shaft in Selfridges was not a standard size, and there was no ability to widen the space to meet industry standards, so the replacement lift would have to be designed from scratch as a bespoke project to meet their requirements.

Selfridges contacted us about a bespoke goods and passenger lift in 2014, and we immediately jumped at the chance to work with them.

Plans were drawn up, and a final design confirmed for installation in the spring of 2015. A mammoth task, we estimated a two-month timeline for completion, aiming to make the new lift operational by April. We’re pleased to say we’ve met that date, and the staff and management at Selfridges are thrilled with the installation. Their new lift design fits perfectly into the existing shaft, with minimal impact to the historic building itself.

Their new goods and passenger lift can now carry an impressive 4800kg, over twice as much cargo as previously. It boasts an increased cabin size too, so they can benefit from taking on larger, as well as heavier, loads.

Tower Lifts has over 15 years’ experience in fitting goods lifts, passenger lifts, platform lifts and bespoke lifts, in both residential and commercial environments.

Our flexibility, professionalism and experience in delivering bespoke, custom-made lift systems is what drew Selfridges to contact us, and we’re thrilled to be able to add their prestigious name to our list of happy customers.

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