Tower Lifts Installs a Screw Driven Platform Lift for JD Sports Gym in Salford

The JD empire just keeps on growing! Not only does this hugely popular sports brand have stores across the UK and in Ireland, but it’s also building a chain of ‘seriously stylish’ gyms across the country in locations such as Coventry, Preston. Liverpool and Hull. Not only are they opening gyms – they’re winning awards for the quality of the facilities for the budget membership on offer. It seems that anything JD touches turns to gold, which is why Tower Lifts is delighted to be working extensively with this highly successful, hugely ambitious, fast-moving brand.

Tower Lifts Selected to Install Screw Driven Platform Lift for Salford

The JD Gym phenomenon is just about to hit Salford with a £2m development on Regent Retail Park. The facilities will include weights, classes, boot-camp, boxing, sprint track, and saunas – all for a budget membership making the gym highly affordable. Part of JD’s ethos is removing the barriers to sports involvement for young people, and this includes ensuring access for wheelchair users, visually impaired participants, and anyone who finds difficulty climbing stair between floors. That’s why we’ll be installing a screw driven platform lift, providing vertical transport for everyone wanting to access the full range of impressive facilities on offer.

Screw Driven Platform Lifts are Ideal for the JD Sports Gym in Salford

jd sports logoOn all the projects we’ve completed for JD Sports to date, they’ve appreciated the flexibility and creative ‘can do’ attitude we bring to our work – no matter what the challenge. Screw driven platform lifts are machine-room-less; they utilise a long screw and drive nut as the means by which the platform is raised and lowered. An electric motor powers the screw shaft by belts which removes the need for excess pit or headroom space. Our platform lift for Salford will be stylish and robust, integrating with the ambiance of the gym environment.

Platform Lift Installers for Manchester

Tower Lifts installation team is a frequent visitor to Manchester, where we have fitted bespoke platform lifts in hotels, residential settings, commercial setting and shopping malls. The screw driven platform lift for JD Sports’ gym in Salford is a welcome addition to the environments we have worked in, and we’re happy to be enhancing access for young people to such an exciting new development.

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