Scenic Lifts in London


Inspirational Glass lift / Scenic Lift solutions by Tower Lifts

When you travel in scenic lifts in London, you get a better view of one of the best cities in the world. Whether you are travelling up the panoramic lift of the One New Change building to get a view of St Paul’s Cathedral, precariously balancing on the side of the Lloyds of London building or whizzing up the side of the Heron Tower you cannot help but be impressed by the impressive city skyline. There is no doubt that glass scenic lifts are a pleasure to ride on in London.

So what justifies the installation of a glass lift in a London building?

Many clients believe the bespoke travel solution adds an interesting feature that gets people talking. In places that require tourist interest to make their money, scenic lifts in London that can offer stunning views of this wonderful City are a selling point that will get customers through the door. Mostly, the lifts are a luxurious alternative to standard elevators that are installed with the intention to impress and astound. Glass lifts in London offices add a modern edge to otherwise dull workplaces and inspire people to explore buildings they might not otherwise have been interested in visiting.

scenic lift in london

There are a lot of high-rise buildings in the City, and the views from the top can be stunning

Just as tourists enjoy riding the big wheel, a contemporary scenic lift in London is a magnet to those who want to appreciate our capital city.

And we want the fun to continue for them as long as possible. That’s why we offer regular maintenance visits and a fast and efficient breakdown service.  If you are looking for a lift that is a bit more special, a bit less claustrophobic, and lots of fun to ride, contact us for a quality service that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Do you have a requirement for a scenic lift installation in London?

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