Retail Dumbwaiter

Retail Dumbwaiter

Retail Dumbwaiter Lifts Solve Business Problems

The dumbwaiter lift has always been a problem solver. It was originally invented to solve the problem of servants overhearing and passing on gossip. Hospitality dumbwaiters solved the problem of getting hot meals to diners. Residential dumbwaiters solve the problem wheelchair users have of transporting shopping or laundry between floors.

The retail dumbwaiter has a whole new set of problems to deal with. The one the Tower Lifts team hear about most often is to do with stock retrieval. Where stock has to be retrieved from storage, customers are often left unattended because it’s the sales people who have to go and fetch it. Unless there’s a dumbwaiter to do the job on their behalf.

Case Study – JD Sports, UK

The Tower Lifts team was approached by JD Sports to install a customised dumbwaiter in their Dundrum store, in Ireland, to save the sales people from having to retrieve trainers from storage. So effective was this measure that identical dumbwaiters were then installed in Leicester, Doncaster, Coventry, Chester, and Luton.

When opening their Leeds store, JD Sports moved the dumbwaiter from its place in the wings, to take centre stage instead. 3 customised dumbwaiters were installed in full view of customers. The technology that had solved a key business problem, is now integrated into the aesthetic of the JD brand.

Retail Benefits From Dumbwaiter Installation

The dumbwaiter is a small goods lift that stops either at waist height, for hand loading, or floor height for hand trucks. The Tower Lifts team is able to customise your dumbwaiter lift in order to best serve your retail needs.

Features of the retail dumbwaiter:

  • Automated control systems.
  • Slide-up or bi-parting doors.
  • Arrival buzzers.
  • Floor and travel direction indicator.
  • Safety features: final top limit, door sensors, safety lights.
  • Soft stop and start.
  • Stainless steel cabin – customised sizes.
  • Variable frequency drives.
  • Weight capacity of up to 100kilograms.
  • Roller shutter for door entrance.
  • Travels through multiple floors.
  • Safety locks.

Customising Your Dumbwaiter Service

Tower Lifts creates bespoke dumbwaiter lifts, dependent on the problem your business needs solving. We’ll work with the space you have available and there’s no necessity for a lift shaft, the dumbwaiter can run in its own self-supporting tower. Once we know the kinds of goods you want to transport and what their weight and volume is, our design team will create your unique solution.

Working With Tower Lifts

Our design and installation team has been creating bespoke dumbwaiter lifts for retail, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and private homes for nearly two decades. Tower Lifts designers can customise the size and features of the lift to your business’ requirements.

Once your retail dumbwaiter lift is installed, Tower Lifts offers ongoing maintenance and repairs. Our personalised maintenance contracts are tailored to each individual client, and ensure compliance with LOLER regulations, continued premium performance, and emergency repairs should you need them.

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