Restaurant Dumb Waiters

One of the greatest challenges when running a restaurant is delivering food safely and efficiently to diners. Dumb waiters help by providing a fast and stable platform to move food, drinks and dirty dishes between floors. A good quality restaurant dumbwaiter will greatly improve service delivery, productivity, and worker safety in any restaurant.

Tower Lifts specialise in designing and installing bespoke restaurant dumbwaiters. Our food lifts are fast, quiet, and will greatly improve the efficiency of your restaurant. We only use components of the highest quality to create restaurant dumb waiters that are safe and reliable.

Our company has a strong understanding of the hospitality industry and will install a food lift that is precisely designed to meet the requirements of your restaurant.

If you require a restaurant dumb waiter, contact our friendly staff today on 01525 601099 or read on to learn more about our bespoke restaurant food lifts.

The Benefits of Installing a Restaurant Dumb Waiter

If you currently own a restaurant that spans multiple floors, you already understand how labor intensive it is to have your staff move meals and drinks between floors. Installing a dumb waiter can help in a number of ways, including:

Restaurant Dumb Waiter

  • There is less risk of injury to staff members
    Many slips, trips and falls occur when staff members are carrying items between floors. If staff members are not asked to carry meals, drinks, and dirty dishes between floors, the workplace will be much safer and your restaurant can avoid costly accidents.
  • Less back strain and aching muscle
    Carrying heavy items between floors can be very tiring for workers. Workers may suffer from a sore back or sore muscles after carrying heavy objects up and down stairs during their shift. A restaurant dumb waiter can reduce muscle strain experienced by workers — making them more productive and happy.
  • Restaurant dumbwaiters save a significant amount of time
    The speed that staff members can deliver meals and drinks between floors is greatly increased. Your restaurant can shave minutes off service delivery.
  • Attractive dumb waiters that match your restaurant’s design aesthetic
    Our lift designers can create an attractive dumb waiter design that closely matches the appearance of your restaurant.

The Advanced Features of Our Restaurant Dumb Waiters

Tower Lifts employ talented lift designers and engineers to create custom-made dumb waiter solutions for restaurants. Some of the many standard features and options that are available with our restaurant dumbwaiters include:

  • Automated control systems
  • Variable frequency drives to obtain different speeds
  • A range of low-maintenance electric motors capable of handling different voltages
  • Large stainless steel cabins available in a wide range of sizes
  • Customisable aluminium trays and rail systems
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Floor and travel direction indicator
  • Arrival buzzers
  • A variety of safety features including door sensors, safety lights and a final top limit
  • Weight capacity of up to 100 kilograms
  • Capable of covering many floors
  • Bi-parting or slide-up door systems
  • Doors and frames with very high fire safety ratings

Our restaurant dumb waiters are also ideal for improving worker productivity in hospital labs, medical facilities and office buildings.

The Advanced Features of Our Restaurant Dumb Waiters

Tower lifts have been designing and installing bespoke restaurant dumb waiters and good lifts for more than 15-years. We have installed lifts in a wide variety of operating environments including restaurants, shopping centres, offices, apartment buildings, and private residences.

Tower Lift’s dumbwaiters are very fast and efficient — essential for busy restaurants. Our experienced lift engineers can design dumb waiters that work within the space constraints of your restaurant’s location.

Our dumb waiters are fitted with modern safety features to ensure staff members remain safe while using it. All dumb waiters and goods lifts are also designed with accessibility in mind. They can easily be used by individuals with mobility, visual, or auditory impairments.

If your business has a dumbwaiter installed which requires repairs, we have a team of dedicated experts who will be able to assess, diagnose and plan the schedule of repairs to ensure a fix or replacement of your dumbwaiter lift.


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