Residential Wheelchair Lift

Residential Wheelchair Lift

Leading Residential Wheelchair Lift Installer

The commercial lifts we design and install offer a return on investment for clients when it comes to productivity and efficiency. Installing a residential wheelchair lift, though, provides an ROI of an altogether different order. These lifts make the family home fully navigable for wheelchair users, both inside and out. Tower Lifts engineers always feel tremendously privileged to be the catalyst for installations that can transform lives.

Using Platform Lift Technology

Innovative platform lift technology is what powers the installation of residential wheelchair lifts. It’s a flexible, competitively priced elevator that doesn’t require a lift shaft. Platform lifts can be fitted in just about any kind of home, therefore. And the installation is far less disruptive than would be the case if a traditional lift were being installed.

4 Kinds of Residential Wheelchair Lift

Most homes will need more than one wheelchair lift if full access is to be achieved. At Tower Lifts we provide a range of options, each of which can be customised to a specific location:

  1. Step Lift. These are designed for short flights of steps in a garden, for example, or leading to a front door. The step lift is an elegant mechanism facilitating access for wheelchair users. Bespoke step lifts can be integrated into the stairway itself, or recessed into the floor. Integrated step lifts seamlessly match their surroundings until activated for use.
  2. Straight Inclined Lift. If your stairway is the main form of access to each floor of your property, a straight inclined lift is ideal. This wheelchair lift is manufactured to the highest standards and can be finished to match your home décor. The platform folds in when not in use, and extends when activated to provide transport to upper floors.
  3. Vertical Platform Lift. This is the most ‘traditional’ looking residential wheelchair lift in our range. It comprises a cabin large enough to comfortably accommodate a wheelchair and user. It’s an ideal way to access parts of the home that stairways don’t provide easy access to, and it can be installed indoors, or outdoors.
  4. Curved Inclined Lift. Many properties our designers work in boast beautiful curved staircases, or even spiral stairways. These can easily be fitted with a curved inclined lift which is tailored to the exact dimensions of your home. The platform folds away when not in use, and the lift can be finished to integrate with the surrounding décor.

Designing Bespoke Platform Lifts

Tower Lifts designers work with wheelchair users and their families to ensure that their platform lift/s provide comprehensive access. We’re also keen to customise the residential wheelchair lifts we install, to ensure that they enhance the value of your home. Our bespoke designs are ingenious, solve problems, and provide an elegant addition to your home.

Working With Tower Lifts

For close on two decades now, Tower Lifts has been a leading provider of platform lifts in the UK. We have installed access enhancing technology in shops, museums, art galleries, hotels and heritage homes. Our highly skilled engineers are hugely experienced when it comes to designing and installing lifts in residential settings. Tower Lifts can be trusted to provide access solutions, whatever the period, size or shape of your home.

If you would like to know more about the residential wheelchair lifts designed and installed by Tower Lifts, call us on 01525 601099