Residential Vertical Platform Lift

We’re a society that’s beginning to question the way our homes are built. Households are beginning to consider exceptional insulation in place of central heating. Wind power is becoming a viable alternative to electricity. And we’re starting to build homes remain viable for people as they grow older, or if they are wheelchair users.

This revolution in housing will take time. Meanwhile families are starting to future-proof their existing homes. At Tower Lifts we see this in the growth of the residential vertical platform lift market. More and more households are retro-fitting platform lifts to provide access for wheelchair users, or ensure that older relatives are able to stay in the family home.

What is a Residential Vertical Platform Lift?

Platform lift technology is what is powering the growth in residential lift installation. A platform lift is cheaper and quicker to install than a traditional passenger lift because it requires no shaft. The modular structure can be adapted to your home’s architecture without major structural alterations therefore. Residential platform lifts are ideal for accessing every floor of your property.

Planning for the Installation of a Vertical Platform Lift

The vertical platform lift has a cabin which looks quite similar to a traditional passenger lift. Tower Lifts installations are bespoke designs that are adapted to our customers’ requirements and the operating environment. Our designers will make a visit early on to ask 3 key questions which will inform the look and feel of your home platform lift.

1. Where Will Your Vertical Platform Lift Go?

A Tower Lifts designer will want to know the route you favour for your platform lift. This will determine the location. You may wish your home lift to be discretely located, or perhaps you want it as a centrepiece to your home? We’ll talk through the options open to you, and work out the space that you’ll need for the installation.

2. What Size Residential Platform Lift Do You Need?

The size will depend on how you want to use the lift. Our designer will ask whether you need a lift that can take one, or two passengers. If you’re a wheelchair user, we’ll design the lift system to accommodate the size of your chair, and the manoeuvre space required at every landing stage. The control panel will be placed for ease of use according to the eye level of passengers.

3. What Will Your Home Platform Lift Look Like?

It’s entirely up to you what your vertical platform lift looks like. You may wish to match the exterior to the interior style and décor of your home. Otherwise you can keep the look simple, functional and contemporary by having a transparent cabin. There are also a number of options for the cabin interior, including the flooring and type of operating panel.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts has been designing and installing residential vertical platform lifts for nearly two decades now. Our designers and installers bring not only their skills, therefore, they also have a huge reservoir of knowledge when it comes to creating stylish, innovative home lifts.

If you would like to know more about retro-fitting a platform lift in your home, call the Tower Lifts design team today on 01525 601099