Residential Platform Lifts

Having a lift in your home is a fairly new trend in the UK. Until recently a home lift was considered a luxury item for the rich and famous. Two key factors have shifted opinion, making residential lifts an aspiration for significant numbers of homeowners. First, innovative platform lift technology has made home lift installation affordable. Second, an ageing population has focused minds on the creation of a home environment that would support the ongoing access of older residents.

There are now plenty of reasons to consider installing a residential platform lift. Here’s a list of the ones we hear most regularly from our clients:

1. Home Lifts Maximise Accessibility

A residential lift ensures access to every floor in your home:

  • Straight/Curved Inclined Lifts. These help with access via your staircase. Whatever the structure we can provide a stylish, custom-designed platform lift. We’ve even created lifts for spiral staircases!
  • Vertical Platform Lift. A more traditional looking lift which gives vertical access to all floors of your home. The platform lift doesn’t need a shaft which makes it easy to install in a domestic environment.
  • Step Lift. This is ideal for a short flight of steps, or split level flooring, inside or out. The elegant mechanism can be integrated seamlessly with the style and décor of your home, making it invisible until required.

Each of these lifts can be customised to accommodate the specific requirements of passengers.

2. Residential Platform Lifts Add Value

Home lifts are now highly desirable differentiators for home-buyers. Whether they’re seen as adding domestic convenience, or enhancing the inclusivity of the design, they’re perceived as high value items. The range of home lift styling is growing all the time, and clients often customise the installation to align it with their interior decoration.

If you would like to know more about installing a residential platform lift in your home, call Tower Lifts to find out more.

3. Domestic Platform Lifts Enhance Home Safety

Residential lifts increase the safety of the domestic environment, especially on staircases. Tripping on the stairs, or falling down them, is one of the top 5 most common home accidents, and the consequences for victims can be severe. A straight or inclined platform lift minimises this risk as well as allaying anxieties associated with climbing stairs.

4. Replace the Stairs

TV home makeover shows are giving homeowners the confidence to think creatively about their use of space in the home. This can go as far as to consider replacing the stairs with lift installations throughout the house. It’s all down to the innovative design of the platform lift. They take up less space than a staircase, and can even be installed on the outside wall of your home.

5. Let a Dumb Waiter Take the Strain

One platform lift we haven’t mentioned yet is the dumb waiter. This is a small service lift which was originally invented to get food from the kitchen to the dining room efficiently. Contemporary households still use them for this purpose, but they can also shift laundry, help with heavy shopping loads and remove the need to negotiate stairs whilst carrying multiple items.

Tower Lifts for Residential Platform Lifts

As a leading UK platform lift company, we’ve been designing and installing platform lifts for over a decade now. During that time, we’ve delivered high quality lifts to clients in large and small, heritage and new build properties. There have been a few architectual challenges along the way, but our experienced installers haven’t been beaten yet. Best of all, our home lift clients love the efficiency, elegance and ease of transport we’re able to provide.

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

Domestic Lifts • Food Lifts • Bespoke Platform Lifts • Service Lifts • Platform Lifts • Goods Lifts • Scenic Lifts • Heavy Duty / Car Lifts • Passenger Lifts • Dumbwaiter Lifts • MRL Lifts • Fire lifts • Residential Lifts • low-Headroom Lifts