Residential Lifts North London

Residential Lifts are Popular in North London Homes

The perception of home lifts has taken a while to shift from an ‘expensive luxury’ to an affordable and desirable addition to living spaces large and small. This is exactly the movement we’ve seen over the past decade though, largely driven by an explosion in design and the development of more affordable tech.

The Tower Lifts team has witnessed consistent growth in demand for residential lifts in North London since 2005. The demographic driving this growth is diverse, from first-time buyers at one end of the market, to older homeowners looking to future proof the family home at the other. In this blog we offer a guide to the range of small residential lifts we regularly install in the greater London region.

Luxury Lifts in the Home

Many younger homeowners consider the installation of a residential lift in their North London home to be an excellent investment. At present home lifts are a great differentiator, and they’re a excellent way to attract attention to your property.

Luxury home lifts offer you the opportunity to enhance the style of your home by installing an elevator custom-created to your taste. Our bespoke luxury lifts are designed to be unique to each individual client.

Home Lifts for Wheelchair Users in North London

Tower Lifts has been installing residential platform lifts for North London clients since 2005. The platform lift provides an adaptable and highly efficient mode of vertical transport for anyone who requires wheelchair access in their home. Platform lifts for home use come in 4 different models:

  • Straight Inclined Platform Lift. This provides transport from one floor to another via the stairs. There’s no need to move from your wheelchair; you simply position yourself on the platform to travel to the upper floor.
  • Curved Inclined Platform Lift. Whatever the shape of your staircase, Tower Lifts designers will create a bespoke platform lift to accommodate it. When not in use your curved inclined lift folds back to allow easy access for foot traffic.
  • Vertical Platform Lift. In appearance the vertical platform lift looks very like a traditional passenger lift. It doesn’t require a lift shaft and is designed specifically for wheelchair users.
  • Step Lift. This platform lift is ideal for split level flooring, or short flights of steps up to the front door, for example. All platform lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors, offering durability and longevity in either location.

Future Proofing Your Home

In the UK, most families wish to remain independent as they get older, rather than contemplating a move to residential care. Future proofing your home provides peace of mind that the family home will be a manageable environment for as long as you wish to live there.

There’s a range of home lifts that can guarantee continued access to all floors of your home, even if you experience problems with your mobility in the future. The dumbwaiter lift is also a popular installation as it helps with the movement of shopping, laundry, meals, and drinks between floors.

If you would like to talk to a Tower Lifts expert about installing residential lifts in North London, call us today to discuss which lift would be best suited to your needs – 01525 601099

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