Residential Lifts in London


What Can Residential Lifts Do For You?

Many people require residential lifts in London. The most common reason for installation is to make life easier for those with disabilities or those who struggle to use the stairs. Wheelchair users find them particularly useful, giving them access to a floor of the house they might not otherwise be able to visit.

Home lifts are often installed in London care homes

They provide easy access between floors, saving carers the trouble of transporting the elderly or those who need help up the stairs. Even service users who are quite capable of using the stairs often appreciate the convenience of a lift.

If you have had the pleasure of travelling in any of our residential lifts in London before, you will know how easy they are to use, and comfortable they are to ride in. We also provide regular maintenance for our home lifts in the London area, so that they remain in good condition for as long as possible.

We fit residential lifts in London, carrying out a bespoke service that ensures every need is taken into consideration

home lift london This includes costs, building construction and weight requirements. Do you need a door that will easily swing open? Or one that will stay open for an extended period to allow time for slower passengers to exit? Would you prefer a domestic lift in your London home that moves quickly, for time efficiency? Or one that moves slowly and carefully for ultimate comfort? Do you require braille or larger buttons for those with restricted sight? We know that there is much to consider when first thinking about having a lift installed, but we can help you overcome any obstacles. You may not think that you have room for a lift, or that an older building would not withstand the construction, but if you contact us, you may be surprised at what we can offer.

If you have a requirement for a lift company in London, talk  to Tower Lifts about a residential lift solution for you

We have a wealth of experience in the installation of residential lifts in London in such places as ChelseaMaida ValeWimbledonKewMayfair, and many more areas.

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