Require a Lift Interior Refurbishment?

Suppose you’re attending a meeting in an office block, or a conference in a hotel complex. From the moment you enter the building, you’re ‘reading’ the signs to form a picture of the organisation. If the receptionist’s unhelpful, the glass plate door’s cracked, or the lift’s scruffy and outdated, you’ll start to create a story about your final destination. Amending this initial impression is a tough task for the business you’re visiting.

Options for Reviving a Tired Lift Cabin

Many businesses we speak to know they need to improve their lift facility, but they’re worried that the only option for a tired, outdated lift is an expensive replacement. The Tower Lifts team is always at pains to let them know about the many less costly alternatives available, even if your passenger cabin is in pretty poor condition. The good news is that lift refurbishment is a fraction of the cost of a lift replacement, and will provide an immediate face-lift for your office environment.

A Range of Lift Interior Refurbishments

Dependent on the age and condition of your passenger lift cabin, our design team can offer a range of options appropriate to your budget. Even the simplest upgrade is likely to make quite a significant difference to the look and feel of your passenger lift.

Here’s our 5 most popular refurbishment options:

1. Elevator Handrails

These offer passengers stability during their journey, and protect the interior elevator panels. Handrails that are ergonomically designed to be held, and are pleasant to touch, quickly improve the quality of the passenger experience.

2. Elevator Ceilings

These can easily be forgotten as our eyes rarely travel to take in the space above our heads. The ceiling can be designed to be a feature, though, making the journey more memorable. Ceilings with fitted lighting, a feature lamp, or a specially textured finish add distinction to the cabin.

3. Elevator Panels

These form the interior of the cabin, and create the greatest impression on passengers. Mirrors are used regularly, but there is now a huge range of panel finishes. Tower Lifts has recently fitted a luxury leather interior. We’ve also designed light panels, and installed digital marketing panels.

4. Elevator Floors

There are a number of practical issues to consider when choosing your lift flooring. It needs to be non-slip, and easy to navigate if you’re in a wheelchair, or you have suitcases. Flooring should be easy to keep clean, and, given the wear and tear it’s likely to receive, it needs to be durable.

5. Control Panels

Old control panels are very off-putting, and they’re extremely easy and cost-effective to replace. Contemporary control panels are usually designed for inclusive access, and utilise LED lighting and touch control. They’re a tactile pleasure for passengers using your elevator.

Do you require a Lift Interior Refurbishment? Call the Tower Lifts lift team today on 01525 601099 to find out more on our lift services.

Providing a Pleasant Experience for Passengers

Whether you’re creating an environment for clients or employees, paying attention to the lift interior is important. It demonstrates an investment in the well-being of users, which speaks volumes about the company values. And offering a visual and tactile pleasure to passengers boosts their mood – which has to be good for business. Tower Lifts can offer a quick and simple way to overhaul your existing lift interior.

Is your lift in need of interior refurbishment? Call the Tower Lifts design team on 01525 601099 to find out about the range of improvements we can provide to your elevator interior.

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