Latest Project – Replacement of two passenger lifts in London

Passenger lifts in London are hugely popular as they are an effective means of transporting people quickly and efficiently. Commercial and residential outlets also offer passenger lifts to accommodate the elderly and disabled.

Our latest project involves the removal and replacement of two passenger lifts in London

passenger lifts in london

New Passenger Lifts in London

Based at Leander House in Slough, this commercial/retail and residential property requires two new lifts as the current lifts are over thirty years old and only serve six floors of the building


The new lifts will comprise of a standard ten person passenger lift and an EN81:72 firefighting lift which will travel from the ground floor to a new penthouse apartment on the seventh floor.

A property like this benefits from a firefighter lift to ensure occupants safety during an emergency


The EN81:72 firefighter lift solution adheres to UK safety regulations as all firefighter lifts should. In order to comply with UK law, a firefighter lift should generally hold a minimum of eight people, reach every floor of the building, contain a backup power supply and a communication system.

In the event of an emergency, a firefighter passenger lift will provide quick access for emergency services and deplete the risk of traffic congestion

At Tower Lifts, we provide a range of passenger lifts in London, surrounding areas and other locations around the UK for both residential and commercial units. Tailoring a solution to fit with your requirements, we are highly experienced in offering passenger lifts in London and beyond.

Our passenger lifts offer outstanding durability and effective usage for the public. If you require an effortless and reliable solution for your passenger lift needs, we are here to provide an exceptional service.

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