Tower Lifts Provide Lift Refurbishment and Maintenance for JD Sports New Bond Street Store

Ever since we fitted a dumb waiter lift at their store at the Dundrum Shopping Centre, Ireland, JD Sports has kept the Tower Lifts team busy with further dumb waiter installations in Luton, Coventry and Doncaster. The ‘King of Trainers’ brand has enthusiastically embraced the simple but efficient goods lift as a cost-effective means of delivering trainers to the sales floor, but in the Bond Street store  was asked for their advice on vertical transport for passengers.

Tower Lifts Ensuring Reliable Passenger Transport for JD Sports

lift maintenanceThe Bond Street store has distributed sales over two floors and customers are offered the option of travelling between them using an escalator, a lift or stairs. JD Sports pride themselves on the speed and efficiency of their customer service, and they were concerned that the vertical transport they were providing for their shoppers was offering a less than perfect experience, and so they asked for an expert assessment from the Tower Lifts team. Our installation engineers found that the lift and escalator were well maintained and perfectly safe, but – as is the case with older installations – the lift machinery had become noisy and was running slightly slow. We recommended a refurbishment of both the lifts and the escalator, and JD Sports recognised the need to provide passenger transport that reflected the speed and reliability of its operating environment.

Vertical Transport Enhancement Improves Performance and Enhances Safety for Passengers

Regular lift maintenance and timely lift modernisation / refurbishment of mechanized transport systems is essential to a brand’s reputation. JD Sports customers travelling in a creaking lift, or on a juddery escalator, will translate that experience into a brand-related memory which, over time, can have an impact on sales. Whilst maintenance and refurbishment may not be the most glamorous part of the work the Tower Lifts team do, we consider it to be one of the most important components. Our schedule of work for refurbishment includes:

  • Component repairs.
  • Replacement of aged or faulty components.
  • Detailed survey of safety features and upgrade where necessary.
  • Aesthetic enhancement.

At Tower Lifts we are committed to providing comfortable, safe and reliable vertical transport for passengers.

If you have a lift installed which requires maintenance or repairs, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your dumbwaiter lift working safely and efficiently. Call today on 01525 601099


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