The Hidden Lift – Platform Lifts Providing Seamless Environmental Integration

At Tower Lifts we are dedicated to providing efficient lift transport for our clients however challenging the operating environment. After years of installing lifts across the commercial, heritage and civic sectors, we understand that those challenges are often about providing an essential access service which does nothing to distract from the historic or aesthetic surroundings in which it sits. In short, it’s a hidden lift which only appears when it’s needed.

This is a classic case of ‘having your cake and eating it’ and happily we have the lift technology to oblige. Our range of bespoke platform lifts can be professionally customised to integrate with their surroundings, whether indoor or out, providing efficient mobility access adapted seamlessly to the space in which it operates. In our many hidden lift projects we have used grass, flagstone, marble and wood camouflage in order to maintain the essential characteristics of the spatial environment.

Hidden Lifts – a Range of Possibilities

We offer a range of platform lift options; each one can be tailored to the specific requirements of the space in which it is installed, and our team of designers can offer a range of bespoke platform lift solutions which will insure discrete lift transport – the defining feature of a hidden lift:

Bespoke Platform Lift – offering elegant accessibility, this lift can be designed and installed to blend in with the floor, or integrated into an existing stairway.

Customised Platform Lift – offering smooth access discretely. This lift can be installed either permanently or temporarily, and can be fitted with remote operating control.

Integrated Platform Lifts – offering an indoor or outdoor solution to stairway access. The lift is integrated fully into the existing staircase and, once activated, reveals itself to be to be an access platform.

Tower Lifts Specialise in Hidden Lift Solutions

The hidden lift solution requires a blend of skills including creative design, skilled bespoke manufacture, and experienced installation. Our highly qualified team at Tower Lifts have worked across a broad range of sectors, installing Wheelchair and Disabled Access Lifts in art galleries, historic houses, theatres, hotels and residential care homes. We always place the needs of the client at the heart of our work and we pride ourselves on delivering creative, crafted solutions that elegantly enhance accessibility.

If you have a wheelchair & disabled access lift installed which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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